July 18, 2022

Going Green: 3 Mistakes Your Business Is Making

  Sustainability is everyone‘s responsibility. Businesses can make a huge difference by helping the environment. Plus, consumers are more and more particular about only purchasing from […]
July 15, 2022

Guide to Making an Eco-friendly Home

Do you intend to build a new house? According to Forbes, you must guarantee that the house you now will assist you in saving money in […]
July 13, 2022

All That Glitters is Not Gold – Indian Gold Investment in 2022

Gold Investment in India Despite the increasing trade deficit, India continues to import huge quantities of gold because Indians have a preference for physical gold. Gold […]
July 11, 2022

Green Hydrogen, EVs, Solar PV modules – Is the way forward for Business Conglomerates in India

We at Greenworldinvestor, have been touting the benefits of going green for the last decade and more. Now, when the effects of climate change are more […]
June 24, 2022

Delhi IGI Airport to Reduce Emission by 2L/ tonnes/ year – A Major Relief for the Capital's Air Quality

In another feat for India’s solar development, Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport now runs 100% on solar and hydro energy. It has become the country’s first […]
June 21, 2022

Urban Transportation – Key to Rising Global Temperatures

Now is the best time to reduce one’s reliance on fossil fuels. The prices of oil and gas are rocketing high due to the Russia-Ukraine war […]
June 10, 2022

Climate Change And Rooftop Solar In India

India is facing one of its worst summer seasons this year with average temperatures in the 28 degrees Celsius range.  Climate change is very obvious and […]
June 8, 2022

Do you want to be a Currency Trader?

A currency trader is an entrepreneur who makes a profit by buying and selling currencies on the currency exchange. Would you like to know how to […]
June 6, 2022

More Reliance on Renewable Energy Sources to Beat the Heatwaves This Summer

India is witnessing one of the worst summers this year. March 2022 was India’s hottest ever March in the last century. The impact of climate change […]
June 3, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Brownfield Remediation

Land parcels previously occupied by industries can be hazardous due to soil contamination and air or water pollution due to the chemical releases. It is no […]
May 30, 2022

4 Top Environmental Benefits Of Fabric Buildings 

Innovators, builders, and designers continue to come up with revolutionary ideas for sustainable and eco-friendly buildings. Environmental awareness empowers engineers and architects to design and build […]
May 25, 2022

5 Gadgets to Purchase for Your Van Life Journey

Planning a trip in your van doesn’t need to be a hassle. There are plenty of items that will make driving a more enjoyable experience. You […]
May 23, 2022

How to protect your business from a Hostile Takeover

A hostile takeover involves a business being purchased via unfriendly terms and often in an unwanted fashion. This might also mean that shareholders and owners don’t […]
May 20, 2022

Five Ways To Make Your Office More Eco Friendly

Now more than ever, it’s important for all of us to reduce the impact we have on the environment. Most crucially to preserve it, and stay competitive, […]
May 18, 2022

25 Alternative Energy Essay Topics

Writing essays consists of various stages. These can be divided into preliminary, writing, and post-writing stages. Students can face issues at every stage. They are divided […]
May 16, 2022

All You Wanted to Know About Transition Bonds in India

Transition bonds are a form of blended finance/ debt instruments used for transiting high carbon-emitting sectors like cement, iron and steel, construction, metals and mining, aviation, […]
May 13, 2022

Research paper on Solar Energy: 10 tips to write a top-notch Project

Using alternative, environmentally friendly sources of energy remains a relevant topic nowadays. In this article, we will provide you with ten tips for creating a research […]
May 11, 2022

Advantages of A Portable Solar Rooftop System

A portable Solar Rooftop system is a plug-and-play photovoltaic installation on the rooftop. A portable solar system comprises panels, a stand, cable, storage case, solar charge controller, […]
May 6, 2022

How to Get Paid with Simple Invoices

Simple invoices can make a difference. The e-invoicing industry is on the rise by more than 20% right now. This industry is taking off largely because […]
May 2, 2022

Why Eco-Friendly Roofing is a Good Home Investment

Photo by Sindre Strøm It’s time to get a new roof, and you’re thinking it should be eco-friendly. You start getting those quotes, and you see […]
April 29, 2022

5 Tricks to a Quick Fix of Damages in your Home

It feels good to own a home, but it is not all weekends you will be relaxing in your home. On some days, you have to […]
April 27, 2022

4 Eco-Friendly Customer Update Strategies for Businesses   

Photo by Vlada Karpovich  Finding eco-friendly customer update strategies can be a real problem. You have so much to do and so much more to focus […]
April 25, 2022

Is the Shipping Industry Sailing on Choppy Dirty Waters?

Carbon Emissions by the Shipping Industry The shipping industry, like many other industries, seems to be at crossroads with emission targets. Like road and air transport, […]
April 20, 2022

100% Electric School Buses in New York by 2035

As a first, the New York State is looking at electrifying all its school buses. This legislation aims for all new school bus purchases to be zero-emission […]
April 18, 2022

India Becoming A Solar Hub: Why Is It Essential?

Solar Energy, a clean, renewable resource with zero emission, has tremendous potential for energy to harness various devices. With recent developments, solar energy systems are readily […]
April 13, 2022

The Importance of Green Buildings in India

With rising levels of urbanization and a large number of people living in cities, the construction industry is booming. There is always some new construction going […]
April 11, 2022

How to Build Energy Efficient Hospitals

Energy efficiency has become the most crucial aspect of any business today. Businesses that are not mindful of their energy consumption are being heavily battered by […]
April 8, 2022

What's the Best Way to Invest in Gold? 4 Strategies That Work

Not sure what to invest your money in? Investing in gold is the way to go. This precious metal is worth investing in because its price […]
April 7, 2022

Green Hydrogen Catches Momentum in India with NTPC and L&T inking major partnerships

After Nitin Gadkari made a show riding in a green hydrogen-powered car to the parliament, things are further looking greener for Green Hydrogen. In recent news, […]
April 4, 2022

Three Approaches To Deal With Excess Electricity

First: The consumption of electricity must become more flexible In the old system, to put it simply, we constantly adjust the supply to the demand. When […]