November 14, 2012

India Infrastructure – Strengthening or Weakening the Indian Economy

Infrastructure: The roots of growth for emerging markets “When you don’t invest in infrastructure, you are going to pay sooner or later“ –      Mike Parker Infrastructure, […]
November 13, 2012

Going with the Wind – Trends and Opportunities in Indian Wind Power Value Chain

                Wind energy, with an average growth rate of 30%, is the fastest growing source of renewable energy (RE) […]
November 10, 2012

Indian Financial Institution compete with Traditional Gold Jewelers to capture $15 billion Market

Buying Gold this Indian Festive Season Indian consumers are one of the biggest buyers of gold due to cultural and historical factors and consumer around 300 tons […]
November 8, 2012

Kingfisher – the King of Good Times is facing a Tough Time!

Kingfisher Crisis – Is it the time to Shutdown Kingfisher is facing a tough time to help its debt ridden airlines fly high again, which was […]
November 8, 2012

Cloud Computing in India becomes No.1 Technology Investment due to potential Cost reduction and Optimization

Cloud  Computing in India – Concept & Issues Cloud computing refers to the use and access of multiple server-based computational resources via a digital network Internet […]
November 7, 2012

Indian Sugar Industry – Is Sugar turning bitter

Indian Sugar Industry Indian sugar industry is among one of the most important segment in commodity markets and is also the main drivers for the country’s […]
November 7, 2012

Solar Power India – Issues and Challenges in its development

Solar Power in India As a tropically located country, India is endowed with vast solar energy potential. With about 5,000 trillion kilo-watt hour (kWh) per year, […]
November 5, 2012

Pros & Cons of FDI in India Retail – Benefits of Foreign Direct Investment

FDI in Retail- A boon or a bane Before starting with the Indian Retail Industry and the FDI policy in Retail Industry let us first answer […]
November 2, 2012

Cost concerns: Major bottleneck in the Biomass Power Development

Bottleneck in Biomass Power Development India is predominantly an agricultural economy. The estimated food grain production in India in 2011-12 is estimated as a little over 250 MT […]
November 1, 2012

Why are China and India obstinately pushing Nuclear Power despite Protests

Two Emerging Nuclear Giants – India & China The Fukushima disaster in Japan involving the Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant had bought a nuclear winter for the […]
November 1, 2012

1/3rd of India’s Power Capacity Lies Idle due to Corruption created Coal Shortage

Indian Coal Shortage leads to Idle Power There are massive power brownouts across India as electricity supply is shut down due to lack of fuel. Note […]
October 31, 2012

Funny Solution to Indian states mired in an Electricity Crisis – Minister to Lead a Cycle Rally

Power Supply in India India’ Power Situation is anything but funny with a mounting and growing power deficit leading to a sharp drop in industrial productivity. […]
October 30, 2012

India’s Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) is failing because of callous State Governments imposing no penalties on recalcitrant Power Consumers

Renewable Energy Certificate Policy in India which was unfurled with great fanfare in 2011 is suffering because of a lack of enforcement from states. According to […]
October 30, 2012

Biomass Poor, Agricultural Rich Indian State to get Seven Biomass Energy Plants from Punjab Biomass

Biomass in Punjab A large number of private companies have entered the biomass energy sector in order to capitalize on the potential of biomass growth. A […]
October 26, 2012

Telecom Equipment, Tower and Service Companies in India Fire Employees, Reduce Operations, Cut Pay to survive the Crisis

Indian Telecom Industry The Telecom Industry in India has been facing multiple problems of 1) massive 2G scandal in which many telecom companies in India lost […]
October 25, 2012

Indians against Corruption (IAC) becomes India’s Muddy Waters – After DLF, Indiabulls and GMR Stocks Plunge on Corruption Charges

Indians Against Corruption Carson Block’s Muddy Waters has become famous for exposing the various scams and frauds amongst Chinese companies. The most famous expose was that […]
October 24, 2012

Rapidly Growing Solar Pie attracts the Birlas into India’s Solar Industry

Tatas & Birlas into SOLAR The Tatas and the Birlas are synonymous with industry in India being the oldest and biggest industrial groups. While the Tata […]
October 23, 2012

Wind Power Capacity Growth slows by 10%, to reach 254 GW – still only 5% of Worldwide Capacity

Slowdown in Wind Power Wind Power growth has slowed down quite a bit by 10% in the first half of 2012. The major reason for the […]
October 22, 2012

Treacherous Indian Stock Market – 40% of Listed Shares considered Dangerous by Exchanges

Greenworldinvestor has reiterated time and again that the Indian stock markets are heavily manipulated and the dice is loaded against the retail investor. The stock market […]
October 19, 2012

Corruption leads to decline in India’s Biggest Real Estate Stock DLF – Indian Realty as Corrupt as Ever

Corruption has become quite endemic in India over the last decade or so and it is universally recognized that the present regime in India is the […]
October 18, 2012

Why India’s Power Reforms Fail Green Energy as structural issues of Theft, Fuel and Electoral Carrot unaddressed

The Indian Government has recently come up with some economic reforms in the areas of Subsidies, Aviation, Retail and Power. However most of these reforms are […]
October 16, 2012

Solar Energy Study on India debunks Nuclear Energy’s Propaganda

Nuclear Energy in India has been facing massive protests with the new nuclear plant in Tamil Nadu, facing citizen opposition on a daily basis. The supporters […]
October 12, 2012

Indian Stock Market Casino on Steroids

The Indian Stock Market saw a Fat Finger trade which caused a massive 15% flash crash in India’s bench market stock index Nifty for a few […]
October 10, 2012

Indian State plans to Double Pumped Hydro Storage Capacity to 2000 MW

While Energy Storage using Lithium Batteries and other innovative concepts like Flywheels frequently make news, the largest sources of Energy Storage like Lead Acid batteries and […]
October 9, 2012

How USA’s First Solar hit the Jackpot in India through a Loophole in Solar Subsidy Policy

US based thin film solar panel manufacturer First Solar has captured the lead marketshare in India’s solar panel market. This is quite surprising since First Solar’s […]
October 9, 2012

Three Successful Off-Grid Solar Models in India, helping the bottom of Pyramid – Selco, AuroRE, Gadhia Solar

Replicable Off-Grid Solar Business Models With increasing climate concerns across the globe, it becomes increasingly important to increase our thrust on other cleaner sources of energy. […]
October 9, 2012

Why Suzlon Revival looks impossible as it lurches from one Crisis to another

Suzlon which is India’s biggest wind company and one of the biggest turbine suppliers in the world has never recovered from the 2008 crisis. The company […]
October 5, 2012

After Solar City, Indian Government plans 56 Smart Cities in India

Indian Smart Cities The Indian Government is not short of ideas though execution on most of the infrastructure projects is quite pathetic. With most infrastructure companies […]
October 4, 2012

Indian Tata Group’s large 60 MW Waste to Energy Plant in UK gets Approval despite Local Opposition

India’s Tata Group company Tata Chemicals is setting up a 60 MW Waste to Energy plant in UK in partnership with one of Europe’s biggest utilities […]
October 2, 2012

Solar Energy in Indian Retail comes of age as Soaring Electricity Costs Bite the Bottomline

Indian Retail Stores Go Solar Solar arrays are soon going to be seen on major retail chain rooftops in India as high electricity costs have forced […]