June 29, 2013

LG cuts Power Bills with new Energy Efficient Inverter Air Conditioners

LG Air Conditioners Founded in 1958, LG is known for bringing advanced digital products and applied technologies to its customers. LG Electronics is on its way […]
June 27, 2013

Industrial and Residential Solar installations in India boom as prices reach Grid Parity

Rising Electricity tariffs in India Electricity tariffs in India are increasing rapidly, where both the quality and quantity of power is quite bad. We had talked […]
June 14, 2013

Eastern States of India – Growth Engines and Enablers

Eastern region of India is a land of huge potential which is endowed with rich minerals, forests, productive and fertile soil along with rich cultural heritage. […]
February 2, 2013

Whirlpool Corporation – Why we think its a Buy

Whirlpool Corporation Whirlpool Corporation is an American multinational manufacturer and marketer of home appliances Headquartered in Benton Charter Township, Michigan, United States Listed in Fortune 500 […]
June 22, 2012

In an oversupplied solar cell market, BHEL to invest $500 million to build factory in Minister's Constituency

However India's biggest capital good equipment company BHEL owned by the government is plannning a $500 million investment to build a solar cell factory in at Sakoli which is part Union heavy industries minister Praful Patel's constituency Bhandara.Talk about how dumb you can get. BHEL hardly has too much expertise in the solar panel industry and with solar cells in massive oversupply,it is almost sure to lose money. However that is how things work with Indian government companies where investment is made at the whims of ministers rather than rationality and business sense.BHEL is currently trading at one of the lowest valuations in its 10 year history and its not a big wonder why. The company has benefited in the past as did other machinery and engineering companies from an infrastructure invesment boom. However those glory days are over for the company as it faces competition from the Chinese companies and decreasing orders flow. Praful Patel the minister has already spent a few years in the airline ministry presiding over the conversion of the state owned carrier Air India ino a basket case. Now its the turn of BHEL to be turned into a basket case as well.
January 7, 2012

Green Energy Projects in India preferred by Debt Syndicators over Thermal Power

power projects.See below for the problems besetting India's thermal power project developers.Note wind and solar power projects are seeing more interent from debt syndication lenders like IDFC,IL&FS because of 2 reasons a) Strong support from state and federal governments which are going all out to support Renewable Energy through tax breaks,feed in tariffs,capital subsidy b) Secure Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) by NVVN at even higher prices for green energy c) No problems of fuel supply availability that plagues the coal and gas power plants in India d) Lesser Environmental issues that beset the Coal Power and Nuclear Power Plants in India with local agitations e) Land Acquisitions problems are also lower as solar and wind power plants don't require prime land
January 4, 2012

India's Power Industry caught in Coal Crisis – Revival through Shorter PPA, Fuel Cost Tariff Indexation

This new plan has following features 1) Reduce the Power Purchasing Agreement Tenure to 5 years from 25 years.This would make it easy to change the prices of power purchased to reflect the changed realities 2) Some sort of fuel cost indexation for electricity tariffs .The reason is that prices of imported coal has risen dramatically which has made the large UMPP get stuck because the revenues don't meet the costs. This plan will take 6 months to be implemented as the government talks with stakeholders like states which are reluctant to change the power prices decided in the PPA with the earlier UMPP being built by Tata Power and Reliance Power in Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh.
January 3, 2012

India Faces Dark Summer in 2012 with Prices Spiral,Fuel Shortages,Local Agitation,Producer Losses

India faces a Long and Dark Summer in 2012 with its Electricity Industry in Shambles.The list of woes is almost non-ending and the government is the biggest culprit.Locked in a policy paralysis due to its corruption taint,the authorities have failed to move.Indian Electricity Companies too are facing losses and may even default on some project debt.The state distribution companies already have racked up billion of dollar in losses due to total mismanagement of tariffs and power theft.So the whole supply chain is in trouble with the Indian Banks also in trouble as they have lent billions to the power producers.
July 5, 2011

How to Save Electricity and Reduce Home Power Bills in India (Simple Ways for Lighting,Home Appliances and Entertainment)

India suffers from a massive electricity deficit with large swathes of the country undergoing power blackouts of as long as 8-10 hours on a regular basis.The problem becomes even more acute in the summer season when air conditioners are being used in an increasing number of homes and offices.The industry too is using more and more amounts of electricity as the Indian economic growth rate has exceeded at 8% in the last few years.The electricity situation has not improved and looks like it will become more miserable.The sorry state of affairs is that the cost of fuel is rising but the electricity regulators are loath to increase prices.This means that Indian electric utilities will supply low power as they will be reluctant to buy higher cost electricity.According to CEA,India had a peak demand of around 116 MW in Apri-Dec 2009 with 101 GW of Supply resulting in a 12.5% Demand Deficit.The Fast Growing Economy has resulted in even higher demand for power which has not been met by increased demand.
July 5, 2011

List of Air Conditioning Companies in India with Price Review – Japanese Entering the Premium AC Segment

Air conditioning has almost become a necessity in India, owing to the hot and humid weather conditions in India. Almost all the electronic and home appliance companies now are manufacturing and marketing ACs. Gone are the days of the primitive & huge window ACs in India, the modern day ACs come in a wide range from split to cassette, packaged unit to slimpak etc. There are also internet enabled & sensory ACs. Prices of Air Conditioners In India the lowest priced ACs can be had at Rs 12000-13000 which are of a 1 ton size and can be bought from good brands like Samsung and LG.The price range can go upto Rs 30-35000 for better Japanese brands which have higher energy efficiency and premium features.This is the general price range for ACs in India though you some companies like Sharp,General sell even higher priced ACs touting their better quality.But India being a highly price sensitive market lower priced ACs sell more.Earlier Spilt ACs used to be priced much higher but with companies lowering the prics to the Rs 18-20000 range,split ACs have been selling more increasing their marketshare in India.
July 5, 2011

Electrical Home Appliance Companies in India – List of Top Refrigerator,AC,TV and Washing Machine Manufacturers

Every home these days is full of modern appliances that are available in the market. With every day that passes by, technology is getting evolved and so are the home appliances. Hence in the present age of technology it is extremely crucial that a home has most of the necessary appliances of the modern day. These appliances have made our life a lot easier and comfortable. More importantly the lives of the people at the present are very much fast paced. Thus at times like this the advanced home appliances help us to save time as well as energy. The common appliances that we use in our everyday lives are juicer, mixer, micro wave ovens, grinders, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, TVs etc.The Indian market is growing at the fastest pace in the world right now with the growng middle class spending rapidly in acquiring these appliances.Some Companies like LG and Samsung have made massive inroads into the Indian market winning huge marketshares.Japanese and US electrical appliance companies have been slow to get off the blocks giving the first mover advantage to the Koreans.Domestic Indian companies like Godrej,Onida and others have also lost out in the marketshare despite giving a good fight in the initial stages.However the massive size of the Indian market has made it imperative for every global electrical appliance company to invest in India.However sales and distribution remains the most important thing to penetrate the Indian electrical appliance market.
May 30, 2011

Coal Shortage Bites – China forced to raise Electricity Prices,Coal Pricing in India might be pooled as 40 GW Thermal Plants without Coal Linkages – Future Dark with India,China to Double Coal Imports

Coal has become the hottest energy topic in the world’s fastest growing economies India and China which depend on Coal for a majority of their Energy […]
April 5, 2011

List of Paper Companies,Stocks in India – Major Manufacturers,Paper Industry Issues,Growth and Paper Recycling in India

The Indian Paper Industry makes a small 1.5% of the global production of paper and parperboard with a size of around 5.5 billion dollars. The industry was delicenced in 1997 by the Government of India and made foreign participation permissible. Most of the paper mills are in existence for a long time and hence present technologies fall in a wide spectrum ranging from oldest to the most modern.The mills use a variety of raw material eg. wood, bamboo, recycled fibre, bagasse, wheat straw, rice husk & 44% of recycled fibre. India is the fastest growing market for paper globally with paper consumption set to rise with the economic growth and is estimated to touch 14 million tons in the next 5 years from 6 million tons (Source IPMA)
March 19, 2011

Nuclear Energy in India faces More Local Opposition (NIMBY) as Kovvada join Jaitapur Plant

India's ambitious nuclear energy plan to add around 2G of Nuclear Plant Capacity is running into more and more hurdles each day.Nuclear Energy in India got a boost when India and USA signed a 123 agreeement which removed India's pariah position in the International Nuclear Community allowing transfer of nuclear equipment and material.However the Japanese Nuclear Disaster has thrown a spanner into the works.The Jaitapur Nuclear Power Plant in Maharashtra was already seeing huge protests from local villages and political parties.The news of the Nuclear Radiation from the Fukushima plant has added fuel to the Nuclear Fire it seems.Note only have the Jaitapur protests become more stringent but another planned plant in Kovvadu village in the south eastern state of Andhra Pradesh has run into trouble.Villagers from all 150 villages took out a rally demanding withdrawal of the proposed nuclear power plant in the wake of ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan.I had earlier written that the Biggest Fallout Effect of the Japanese Nuclear Accident would be the Not in My Backyard (NIMBY) opposition of all existing and proposed Nuclear Energy Reactors globally and this is exactly what is happening.
March 19, 2011

List of India Machinery/Capital Goods/Engineering Manufacturers/Stocks – Set to Capitalize on Infra Growth

India's Economy is being hampered in its growth trajectory by lack of infrastructure which is leading to supply side problems.India suffers woefully from a lack of roads,electricity,ports etc. and almost a trillion dollars is going to be spent in the next few years as demand outstrips supply.India's Machinery and Capital Goods Industry is set to capitalize on this strong growth and is already seeing massive orders which are 2-3 years worth of their annual revenue.While the stock valuations of the capital goods equipment manufacturers has come down a bit from the heavy days of 2008,they are still quite high reflecting the strong growth potential.India's Engineering Industry is also composed of a number of smaller manufacturers that export light engineering equipment worth several billion dollars mostly to developing countries.India's Machinery Sector is composed of a mix of government owned and private companies as well as the giant capital goods MCN conglomerates like Areva and others.Here is a list of the major Indian equipment manufacturers.
March 7, 2011

India's Biggest Wind Farm Operator CLP to increase Wind Assets by 50%

CLP India which is a subsidiary of Hong Kong-listed Power Company CLP is one of the largest private power generation companies in India The company is the biggest wind farm operator in India with around 450 MW of capacity which it plans to raise by another 50% to around 640 MW.Two New Wind Farms will be built in Jaisalmer in Rajasthan and Andhra Pradhesh.The company will use i WTG supplier Enercon with whom it has long relationship.Note India has seen a sharp jump in Wind Energy growth in 2010 due to state and federal subsidies.With Wind Power forming almost 70% of India's current Renewable Energy Capacity,around 1.5-2 GW of new Wind Capacity will be built each year.CLP plans to add around 200-300 MW every year to keep up its pole position.
March 2, 2011

List of Top Power/Electricity Companies/Utilities in India – Growing Exponentially

India's Electricity is set to see a huge boom as the 8-9% economic growth rates require massive amounts of energy.India is planning to nearly treble its electricity capacity to almost 450 GW by 2020 from around 160 GW now which means a yearly addition of nearly 23 GW in the next decade.Currently India’s Electricity comes mostly from Coal and Hydro Based Energy.Almost 50% of Energy Requirements and 53% of the Electricity is generated from Coal.Despite Coal being the the Dirtiest Form of Energy,India has got little choice in the matter.Most of India’s upcoming Electricity Plants are based on Coal.Hydro Energy is generated mostly from India’s Northern Himalayan States.Renewable Energy forms only 7.7% of the Capacity with around 11 GW of the 16 GW from Wind Energy.Nuclear Energy is around 3% of the total capacity at around 4.5 GW.Here are the list of the major power utilities in the country which is currently dominated by the state run PSUs.However the next decade should see the rise of private electricity companies.
February 16, 2011

Sudar Garments IPO Review – Extremely Low Quality,High Valuation with a Shady Investment Banker

In the season of scams and scandals when the erstwhile high flying mid cap and small cap names are getting battered for management issues,Sudar Garments has surprisingly come out with an IPO despite spotty corporate governance issues.Like so many of the junk IPOs coming out in 2010,this one too should managed to raise money through market operators.The modus operandi of these IPOs is mostly pump and dump where a few unscrupulous and shady brokers are responsible for managing the issue.With the stock market regulator SEBI refusing to crack down on these blatant manipulation,the pipeline of crappy small cap junk IPOs in the Indian stock market keeps growing.Thought that the current market crash would have removed them,but apparently not so as the junk IPO industry keeps growing stronger.This despite the more than 50% crash on issue day of Omkar Chemicals ( a junk IPO).Here are some of the notable negatives of the issue which has been given a 1 out of a 5 rating by rating agency CRISIL (not that the rating help the retail investors).
February 15, 2011

India's Environment Ministry bows to King Coal – Allows Mining in "No-Go" Forested Areas

India's Environment Ministry Jairam Ramesh has been portrayed as the devil incarnate by the industrial lobbies as he has struck down various billion dollar realty, mining and power projects.First it was Vedanta's mining project in Orissa,then the Lavasa township in Pune and then power projects in Andhra Pradesh.While some of these infrastructure projects should go ahead with modifications,it has brought some regard for the environment.While some of the projects like the Jaitapur Nuclear Plant in Maharashtra were given the environmental go-ahead despite serious concerns raised by TISS and local citizens,the trampling of ecology by the corporate lobbies seems to have been curtailed.However India's growing economy and its massive energy needs cannot be kept at bay for long.
February 14, 2011

Fineotex Chemical (FCL) IPO Review – Extremely Small Risky Company Very Avoidable

Fineotex Chemicals (FCL) is a Maharashtra based small chemicals company which is coming out with an IPO for 4.2 million shares at Rs 60-72 to raise Rs 25-30 crores with a total market cap of around Rs 42-50 crores.The company has a 5000 tons plant and is expanding by 13000 tons.The company has little resources by way of cash and it seems strange that a Rs 15 crore company would raise money from the capital markets rather than raising more debt which seems low at around Rs 80 lakhs.Can't find much to say anything positive except that there are no lawsuits pending against the promoters.Here are the negatives. Omkar Specialty Chemicals was a major disaster for all the investors who decided to gamble on small cap IPO junk.Gambling on FCL in this environment does not make any sense,would make more sense to gamble your money in a casino.In this market you would have a much better chance of returns.
November 13, 2010

Solar Energy in India draws another Industrial Giant as Areva looks to invest $3 Billion in Solar Thermal

Solar Energy Future Growth has been vastly underestimated by policy makers and analysts but private companies are recognized the huge potential.India's JNNSM Policy which is meant to jumpstart India's Solar Energy has drawn huge interest from both domestic and foreign companies.The number of Solar Companies in India are growing at a rapid pace attracted by the huge opportunity.While starting troubles like project financing of debt etc are present,the long term growth potential of Solar Energy in India is tremendous.Global Industrial Giants like GE,Siemens have already established or in the process of investing huge sums of money to capitalize on this Green Trend.Now French Giant Areva has joined them.Note Areva is the global leader in nuclear equipment technology and is not known for its prowess in Solar and Wind Energy.However the company is making a play in Solar Thermal Technology where it hopes to use its existing skills and knowledge.Areva had acquired US startup Ausra which had fallen on hard times earlier.However Areva has not won too many Solar Thermal Projects in the recent past.However things may change starting with India
October 18, 2010

After Vedanta,Posco's Giant Steel Project could face the Indian Environmental Axe

India's Massively Growing Industry is clashing head-on with the Environment leading to huge fissures.There have been numerous clashes already with many of the mega industrial projects being cancelled or shifted.Tata Motor's Nano Project in Singur,West Bengal was probably the most famous project to be scrapped after a huge people's uprising due to loss of land and livelihood.Unlike China,where industry manages to always win over people's protests,it is not that easy in India's Democracy.Orissa recently saw Vedanta Resources Bauxite Mining Project cancelled over loss of tribal sacred land loss concerns.This was a huge victory for India's environmentalists as officials and companies were found breaking forest and environment laws.Now POSCO which has been trying to build a $12 Billion Steel Plant in the Mineral Rich State of Eastern India finds that Green Approvals given might be cancelled by a panel of government experts.Note the POSCO project was stopped recently pending an environmental assessment whose report will be published on Oct 25.Despite hectic lobbying by POSCO and the provincial Orissa government,the project looks set for more delays.Note the Steel Plant which was started in 2005 is already way behind schedule.
October 7, 2010

Gyscoal Alloys IPO – More Crap taking advantage of Bernanke Fueled Emerging Markets Bull Run

The Crap continues to hit the Indian Primary Market with another Junk  Microcap trying to raise $11 mm from the market.The company will dilute around 48% […]
September 21, 2010

Electrosteel Integrated IPO – Investing in the Parent ECL might be safer way to play

Electrosteel Integrated is coming out with an IPO to raise around $50mm to fund its 2.2 million ton plant in Jharkand,India.The company is promoted by its listed parent Electrosteel Castings which has been running for the past 30 years and is leader in the Ductile Pipe Category.This company will have ECL holding of 34% post IPO with the other major shareholders being a bunch of PE firms and Stemcor.The plant construction will require around $1.5 billion capex out of which around 40% has been already been spent.Debt will be around $1.1 billion mostly at 12.25% interest rate. Summary The company has pluses as well as risks,however the plant should start operating in Oct 2010.While the investment is risky,the valuation being offered is cheap with good promoters.For people looking at lesser risk,ECL the parent company also makes a lot of sense.It is trading at 8x trailing P/E and around 1 P/Bx which is again cheap.It has a 34% share in the new company so will gain from any upside as well.Its investment in the company is Rs 700 crore with a total market cap of around Rs 1600 crore.Not expensive and a safer way to invest in
August 3, 2010

Prakash Steelage IPO – Indian IPO market in sorry state as Management convicted for tax evasion files for offering

The Indian Market has seen a slew of junk Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) which have led to large losses for investors.The fundamentals of these companies are […]
July 29, 2010

Suzuki sucks dry the shareholders of its India subsidiary Maruti through massive royalty payments

Suzuki which is a global Tier 2 automaker is the biggest automobile company in India through its Indian subsidiary Maruti.The company which was formed in the […]
July 20, 2010

India's Nuclear Energy Industry faces Numerous External and Internal Hurdles

India has ambitious plans for the growth of its Nuclear Energy Industry to meets its increasing Energy Demand.India’s Economy has been growing at a scorching pace […]
July 17, 2010

Midfield Industries IPO Review – Another overpriced small cap Indian Initial Public Offering

Indian market has seen a raft of junk offerings in the IPO market over the last few months.Many of these issues have failed to get subscribed […]
July 17, 2010

Green Investing in India – Favorable government policies make Gujarat a top Renewable Energy destination

India’s Western state of Gujarat is one of the most developed regions in the country and has shown tremendous economic growth over the past decade.The state […]
July 5, 2010

Nuclear Energy in India faces external obstacles from old adversaries China and Pakistan

Landmark Nuclear Deal between US and India removes India’s pariah status The landmark Nuclear Energy deal signed between USA and India was supposed to herald the […]