May 18, 2013

Reasons why Bitcoins are gaining popularity

Bitcoins Bitcoins are a form of “e-money” which is made of complex code created with the help of computer. Process of creating Bitcoin is called mining […]
May 16, 2013

Barring Social Media and Mobile Apps from Stock Market?

It is undoubtedly true that the mobile phones have taken a toll over the global economy development. The world is no more a big place and […]
April 24, 2013

Bitcoin – New Digital & Greener Currency supporting Environment

Bitcoin Bitcoin also known as BTC is a kind of digital currency which was first described in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It was known as an […]
April 18, 2013

Will Google's Day come to a halt soon

Google’s supremacy in Search engines Google Inc. has come a long way when it comes to technology. In today’s time when the internet has captured the […]
March 24, 2013

Bharti Airtel – India's largest Telecom & Wireless Servive Provider

Bharti Airtel Ltd Bharti Airtel Ltd needs no introduction of its own as the company is one of the world’s leading providers of telecommunication services with […]
February 18, 2013

Indian Telecom Sector – 929 million subscribers isn't the number pretty shocking

Indian Telecom Industry 929 million – the number of subscribers, the Indian telecom sector has achieved to become one of the major indicators of and contributors […]
November 12, 2012

Global Labor Glut will keep Wages low and the 99% Poor

Global Labor Oversupply What has been missed out by economists worldwide is that capital is now heavily advantaged over labor which is leading to massive inequality […]
November 8, 2012

Cloud Computing in India becomes No.1 Technology Investment due to potential Cost reduction and Optimization

Cloud  Computing in India – Concept & Issues Cloud computing refers to the use and access of multiple server-based computational resources via a digital network Internet […]
November 6, 2012

Is Google becoming too big for its own good as its fights Brazilian and French Media, Governments?

Google Google is the biggest Internet Company on the planet and is part of the digital lives of almost everyone with access to the Internet. The […]
May 9, 2012

Pros & Cons Of Online Banking

Online Banking With the increased use of Internet, a variety of avenues and  facilities have been opened for the masses. It gives us access to facilities […]
February 3, 2012

China India Trade Deficit rises to Sinister Heights of $27 Billion Officially and Much more Unofficially

China India Trade has been rising at very high growth rates over the last few years driven by the booming GDP growth in the fastest growing economies of the world. However India like other countries faces the mounting problem of a huge trade deficit with China which is growing all the time. Like Brazil ,USA this has become a major problem . Beside the official reported figures , there is a large clandestine trade takes place outside the normal channels. Massive imports from China go unreported to avoid excise duties and custom taxes. Both countries have corrupt officials and businessmen which facilitate trade without paying of taxes and duties. Unofficial Trade Deficit with China may be double the $27 billion reported in 2011.
January 4, 2012

Telecommunication Operators in India caught Swindling the Government again in 3G Fraud even as 2G Scam simmers

Telecom Companies in India are in general an unscrupolous lot with the 2G Scam showing the whole telecom industry of India in a Bad Light.While a number of top executives of telecom companies spent time in jail,it seems that these companies have learned nothing.They continue to find loopholes to take both their customers and government for a ride.Indian Broadband and Telecom companies have made defrauding customers an art by illegally adding value added services and charging for them.They also burn millions of dollars in subsidized diesel to power their telecom towers since there is no restriction on that.Now these comapnies have been caught again in another manipulation trick in 3G services.
July 5, 2011

Mobile Phone Companies in India List – MarketShare Churn by Local Indian Players Entry

The Indian telecom industry is the world’s fastest growing industry with 792 million mobile phone subscribers as of February 2011. It is also the second largest telecommunication network in the world in terms of number of wireless connections after China. The industry will reach around $80 billion in revenues by next year showing an astounding CAGR of over 25% and will employ a stupendous 1 crore employees making it one of the biggest value creators in India in recent times. The introduction of mobile phones brought a major revolution in the industry. Mobile phones have become a modern day necessity. Be it a professional, a trader, a housewife or a student, everyone has one. The availability of cheap mobiles in the Indian market, is also a major factor in making it available & affordable to the common masses. Today's mobile phone is not just a phone, it has a built in camera, music system, games & internet enabled networking. These facilities entertain you as well as make you available to work as & when required.
June 25, 2011

Bharti Airtel – Corruption made into an Art Form,Why Investors Should Avoid the Stock

However analysts as they are wont are creatures of habit and don't go out of their comfort zone.They try to stay in the territory of the obvious and don't look at deeper problems.India has been rocked by a number of corruption scandals and telecom has been one of the biggest hit.Unitech Wireless one of the new operators is one the verge of having its properties attached by the Indian state while top executives on Reliance (ADAG) are in jail for colluding to defraud the Indian government of billions along with the former telecom minister Raja.While Airtel is not facing this problems,its insidious business practises are equally problematic if the come to light.In broadband companies in India,I wrote how service providers fleece and loot consumer through systematically fraudulent tactics.This is so widespread that I have no doubt that top management is aware if not actively promoting such activities.A refresher,telecom providers in India routinely activate value added services like ringtones (costing Rs 30/month) and other such services without the consumer's consent.As the amount is small and most of the consumers are illiterate without having the knowledge of what's happening ,these companies make a killing.Airtel is also doing this and making the biggest killing of the India consumer.Only a serious investigation on the lines of 2G telecom scam can uncover this corruption scam which goes on bringing hundreds of millions of illegal for these telecom companies.
June 21, 2011

Chinese Arm Flexing alarms Eastern Neighbors Japan,Vietnam and Philippines

China does not have many friends in its neighborhood,in fact it does not have any friends with relations with most countries being quite tense.The only friends it has is a tinpot communist dictatorship North Korea which has managed to keep its citizens in the Stone Age and Pakistan which is well on its way to become a failed state with a suicide bombing a day.What is interesting is that China holds the world record for sharing borders with the maximum number of countries,so one would consider it prudent to hold good relations with a large number of them.On the contrary China has had tense relations with almost all of them with low level military incidents the order of the day.China has a very cagey relationship with India where tensions have risen all the time with numerous friction points like Tibet,Arunachal Pradesh,supplying Pakistan with arms and building ports in smaller countries.South Korea alleged cyberattack a few months ago from hackers close to the Chinese government as well.
June 21, 2011

Groupon in India (Sosasta) seems a Massive Failure with Really Bad Service,Pathetic Choice of Vendors who can't perform and Total Lack of Customer Service

The vendor choice itself shows total lack of judgment and good sense it seems and the contract law being what it is in India,any customer who goes to Sosasta is totally on his own if he wants to recover money which he has to pay upfront.I had personally applied to 2 vendors and nobody has been able to give the required service in the 2 months that had been alloted.After phoning Sosasta 3 times and mailing them twice I finally recieved the money back ,however in the case of the second service ,even after mailing them twice nothing has happened.On top of that the customer care phone numbers don't pick up the phone.
May 15, 2011

Amazing One Year Journey of Greenworldinvestor – Some Thoughts and the Future

I would like to think that has met all what it was meant for and much more.The Blog has a high quality readership from the corporate sector,students,retail as well as institutional investors, environmental activists as well as people interested in the topics written on the blog.We get visitors from almost 100 countries each day which points of tremendous diversification of readership and helps in getting very different views on topics.In terms of traffic to,it has been constantly been increasing month on month.We now get more than 50,000 visitors a month , 200,000 pageviews and have around 700 subscribers to the Blog.The blog is globally ranked 118,500 on Alexa which ranks websites on the Internet
April 25, 2011

India's Broadband,Telecom Companies – Bad Customer Care,Overbilling,Overcharging built into DNA as they Loot Millions of Dollars From the Very Poorest

It is a common practice amongst these companies to add value added services like caller tunes without the customer's permission which is totally illegal.Since most of the customers do not know how the billing is happening and do not know how to turn it off,these companies make millions of dollars in illegal profits from such customers.Airtel,Reliance and other major telecom companies in India follow this practice widely and openly.Nobody is going to complain about 50c/month being charged wrongly by the telecom provider.However 50c multiplied by a 100 million customers is neat $50 million in profits for these companies.This overbilling of customers even extends to broadband customers as I recently found out .After a nightmarish experience with Tata Indicom whose pathetic customer service forced me to change to Airtel,I found a blatant case of overcharging of money in my very first bill.
March 5, 2011

How to Lose a Good Customer through Sheer Incompetence and Non-Existent Service Quality – Internet Broadband Provider Tata Indicom Case

While I was tearing my hair out at the experience there were a couple of very funny episodes which highlights the complete lack of service quality 1) One of the Tata Indicom Engineers after seeing my laptop connect automatically to the neighbour's WiFi (I was using it temporarily) said that my Tata Indicom Internet was working fine (how the guy became an engineer seems a mystery,guess there is truth to industry studies that most Indian graduates are unemployable) 2) A Tata Indicom Webstie to give Customer Feedback on submission constantly gives an Error .The link ( which was sent to me to "valuable inputs will go a long way in helping us deliver world class services" still does not work.Readers can try out the link also.
March 4, 2011

Income Inequality in China as Stark as in India as "Guanxi" and "Jugaad" reign supreme

Income Inequality and unemployment amongst white collar workers is a massive growing under-appreciated problem in India and China.These countries despite growing tremendously have built in severe distortions which are only becoming bigger by the day.Graduates in both countries increasingly find a massive demand deficit for their services while income inequality grows bigger as billionaires build billion dollar houses amidst people earning less than $2 day.
October 29, 2010

3G in India – A Marketing Gimmick or a Game Changing Technology

3G Technology made a lot of waves in India after the government managed to make a huge sum in auctioning off the airwaves required for using the 3G Technology.India's big telecom providers like Airtel,Reliance,Tata Docomo,Vodafone and others fought tooth and nail for this precious resource.In the end it remains questionable whether the government really gained from the Rs 100,000 crores it got.Critics say that to recuperate this massive expenditure,companies will provide 3G services at very expensive rates making communication in India an overall loser.However it remains to be seen as leading providers Tata Docomo and Airtel start providing 3G services in 2010 itself.Note Docomo is one of the 3-4 Japanese telecom giants which has implemented 3G Technology a few years ago which proved to be a big success.While Japan has had a good 3G experience,other countries did not have it so good.In UK it pretty much turned out to be a cropper.It remains to be seen whether in India it can be a success or not.
June 10, 2010

South Korea blames China for Cyber Attacks like US and India earlier;US finds China's growing Military disconcerting

Chinese  Cyber Attacks South Korea blamed Chinese sources for a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks on its Government Websites.South Korea and North Korea have been […]
June 7, 2010

Apple seems justified in not using Flash for iPad as Adobe finds critical vulnerability

Apple’s decision of not using Adobe ubiquitous Flash application  has raised a massive controversy, with Adobe portraying itself as a victim to Apple’s bullying.Apple on the […]
May 30, 2010

Bangladesh follows Pakistan in Banning Facebook

Pakistan has been in the news for banning Facebook,Youtube and Twitter as pages from Facebook reportedly offended the sensibilities of the Islamic religion.Instead of just banning […]
May 25, 2010

Technology Wars – Minor players Nokia and Yahoo enter into strategic tie-up in Mobile Software

Nokia’s faulty execution in the smartphone segment has put it in  a position where I can only call it a minor player despite its leading marketshare […]
May 24, 2010

Technology Wars – Microsoft's Bing gains traction against Goolge in Search

Technology companies like Apple,Google and Microsoft are fighting each other on many fronts in Hardware and Software .Google has been the dominant player in the Internet […]
May 22, 2010

Pakistan goes on a Internet Witch Hunt;Bans Facebook,Twitter,Youtube and now Blackberry

Pakistan started by banning Facebook as one of the pages had a cartoon drawing competition of one of Islam’s revered figures. A group of lawyers petitioned […]
May 8, 2010

Repercussion of China's Internet Espionage of Indian Sites – Huawei and ZTE banned from India

China has recently been in the news over Internet Espionage on defense and sensitive installations in India and USA. This has led to the high profile […]