March 24, 2013

Bharti Airtel – India's largest Telecom & Wireless Servive Provider

Bharti Airtel Ltd Bharti Airtel Ltd needs no introduction of its own as the company is one of the world’s leading providers of telecommunication services with […]
February 18, 2013

Indian Telecom Sector – 929 million subscribers isn't the number pretty shocking

Indian Telecom Industry 929 million – the number of subscribers, the Indian telecom sector has achieved to become one of the major indicators of and contributors […]
January 4, 2012

Telecommunication Operators in India caught Swindling the Government again in 3G Fraud even as 2G Scam simmers

Telecom Companies in India are in general an unscrupolous lot with the 2G Scam showing the whole telecom industry of India in a Bad Light.While a number of top executives of telecom companies spent time in jail,it seems that these companies have learned nothing.They continue to find loopholes to take both their customers and government for a ride.Indian Broadband and Telecom companies have made defrauding customers an art by illegally adding value added services and charging for them.They also burn millions of dollars in subsidized diesel to power their telecom towers since there is no restriction on that.Now these comapnies have been caught again in another manipulation trick in 3G services.
July 5, 2011

Mobile Phone Companies in India List – MarketShare Churn by Local Indian Players Entry

The Indian telecom industry is the world’s fastest growing industry with 792 million mobile phone subscribers as of February 2011. It is also the second largest telecommunication network in the world in terms of number of wireless connections after China. The industry will reach around $80 billion in revenues by next year showing an astounding CAGR of over 25% and will employ a stupendous 1 crore employees making it one of the biggest value creators in India in recent times. The introduction of mobile phones brought a major revolution in the industry. Mobile phones have become a modern day necessity. Be it a professional, a trader, a housewife or a student, everyone has one. The availability of cheap mobiles in the Indian market, is also a major factor in making it available & affordable to the common masses. Today's mobile phone is not just a phone, it has a built in camera, music system, games & internet enabled networking. These facilities entertain you as well as make you available to work as & when required.
November 25, 2010

One97 Communication IPO Review and Analysis – Indian Mobile VAS Player Sees Slowing Growth due to Competition

One97 a Private Equity Backed Mobile Value Added Service (VAS) Company is raising Rs 120 crore ( $25 million) from the Stock Market in an IPO.The Company operates in India's Telecom Sector which is the fastest growing in terms of subscribers and represents a good growth opportunity as 3G services starts to roll out. The Company has not indicated the pricing of shares as of now ,only that it wants to raise Rs 120 crore.Note the VAS Category is seeing increasing competition with a number of new entrants.One97 has diversified into a combined VAS player cum Technology Investor makings its valuation difficult.Note the VAS sector is no longer a unique or fancied one as OnMobile has already listed sometime ago and its valuation has decreased dramatically since then despite improved profits.I would sit out on this one due to the complicated nature of the business,slowing growth and valuation difficulties.A higher risk investor probably might want to buy this one.
November 20, 2010

Nokia Turnaround faces another Bump as Flagship Smartphone N8 faces Power Problems

Nokia is trying to turnaround its sinking fortunes with a radical change in strategy which involves New Hardware - N8,Software - Meego Operating System with Intel,AMD and Management - Elop from Microsoft.However the changes don't seem to be working as of now.White Box Mobile Phones from China continue to erode Nokia's marketshare in emerging markets while Google and Apple finish it off in the high end smartphone segments.N8 with its 12 Megapixel Camera was supposed to be Nokia's answer to the iPhone and Android handsets Galaxy,Incredible and Droid.However N8 is already facing teething problems with Delays,Lack of Sex Appeal and the latest power problems with some of its handsets.This is not going to do any good to Nokia's smartphone prospects as it lacks the aura of the iPhone.Despite some Signal problems,iPhone sales have continued to power through while Nokia does not have anything near the same brand power.It is playing the role of a challenger despite its dominant marketshare in the world smartphone market and can't afford any missteps.
November 15, 2010

Nokia feels the heat from ultra low cost Chinese white box mobile manufacturers

White-box vendors now sell through market stalls and mom- and-pop retailers in India, Russia, the Middle East and Africa and Latin America, where the operators don’t own the channel, Milanesi said.
October 13, 2010

Could Local Indian Mobile Davids Micromax,Spice Beat Global Goliaths Nokia,Samsung with Low Cost $100 Android Smartphones

Could $100 Android Phones from Local Indian Makers threaten Global Giants like LG,Samsung,Nokia in US and Europe as well While the quality of local Indian made phones are still quite poor with lots of complaints,these companies have recently got a lot of funding and support.With Mobile Handsets fast becoming a commodity with mobile apps and services becoming the more important factor,Global Handset Hardware Companies are seriously threatened.With success in one of the biggest,fast growing and competitive markets,could these small handset makers penetrate global markets as well.Micromax which is the most successful amongst the host of small,nimbe Indian companies has already starting marketing its phones in the Middle East.With low cost $100 Android phones it could lead major prices wars in the West as well.The fat margins on smartphones enjoyed by Apple,Motorola,HTC,Samsung,LG and others could be a thing of the past.Its an event that cannot be underestimated by investors in these stocks.As the sharp fall in Research in Motion and Nokia shows,the mobile market is a fast changing one and the "Hero" (pun intended) of today can easily become zeros of tomorrow.
September 18, 2010

N8 is looking less and less like Nokia's Savior with Delays,Software Issues and Lack of Sex Appeal

Nokia's Stock Price has fallen by more than 50% in the last 2 years and have stayed at the same level despite a huge 40% Global Mobile Marketshare.Despite a Tech Resurgence,Nokia's stock has wallowed in its all time lows.Repeated Restructuring,Losing out to competition in India,Failure to keep up with Apple has made this a "pity stock".However its recent deal with Intel to launch Meego,a new CEO and N8 had given hopes to Nokia Faithful.However teething problems like the exit of the Smartphone Chief and delays in N8 has made those hopes recede.Also Nokia has unresolved Software issues as it tries to balance between 2 competing platforms of Symbian and Meego.It has decide on 1 platform and put all its effort there.Customers are cagey about buying phones with Operating Systems without a large Developer Support and Apps.The Ovi Store with just 13k apps is no match to iPhone's 250k apps.Its time for Nokia to put renewed efforts in order to resurrect its declining fortunes.
September 10, 2010

Should you buy Nokia as Meego,N8 and a new CEO Elop from Microsoft try to change Nokia's Fortunes?

Nokia is currently trading at extremely low valuations of 12x forward earnings and around 0.7x Sales which is extremely low by Technology Sector Standards.If the company can bring back the pizzaz behind its Smartphone lines,sell of its Nokia-Siemens unit the stock could easily double here.Nokia has one of the strongest brand names in the planet with great manufacturing and excellent global distribution.All it needs is a bit of Apple like Magic to return to its glorious days.
June 24, 2010

Google and Apple Rivalry heats up with Google Music,more Patent Suits against HTC

Start of Google and Apple Rivalry The Google Apple Rivalry promises to one of the Greatest in Technology History with both of these iconic companies fighting […]