June 27, 2013

Will President Obama finally make a move to push Climate change regulation in the USA

President Obama failed to push climate change legislation in his first term, though there were a lot of expectations that some sort of carbon tax or […]
December 15, 2012

Pakistan's Gas Focused Transportation faces both Short term and Long term Dangers

Pakistan has a massive power problem with chronic electricity brownout thanks to its mismanaged and corrupt administration. The industries in the state are mostly idle as […]
September 15, 2012

Indian Government’s New Hair Brained Scheme

Indian Government’s New Hair Brained Scheme – Export 500 MW of Electricity to Pakistan to build Good Relations India suffers from a huge deficit in power […]
September 12, 2012

Is India Turning into Pakistan – Indian jails Cartoonist under Sedition Law while Pakistan locks up Disabled Child over Blasphemy Law

No Freedom of Expression in Democracy? Indian citizens are shocked by the actions of the judiciary and police in Maharashtra who have jailed a cartoonist under […]
August 9, 2012

Greenland Ice Sheet melts an Unprecedented 97% This Summer but World Refuses to Wake Up to Climate Change

Greenland The ice sheet in Greenland has been melting to an increasing extent almost every year in the recent past summers giving one of the most […]
June 18, 2012

Solar Energy in Pakistan – Why are Financially challenged organizations building solar plants in a financially challenged country

Pakistan is facing a major energy crisis as years of corruption and mismanagement has made the country into a basket case. Thousands of SMEs are facing […]
February 3, 2012

China India Trade Deficit rises to Sinister Heights of $27 Billion Officially and Much more Unofficially

China India Trade has been rising at very high growth rates over the last few years driven by the booming GDP growth in the fastest growing economies of the world. However India like other countries faces the mounting problem of a huge trade deficit with China which is growing all the time. Like Brazil ,USA this has become a major problem . Beside the official reported figures , there is a large clandestine trade takes place outside the normal channels. Massive imports from China go unreported to avoid excise duties and custom taxes. Both countries have corrupt officials and businessmen which facilitate trade without paying of taxes and duties. Unofficial Trade Deficit with China may be double the $27 billion reported in 2011.
January 11, 2012

Pakistan Army Government Crisis reaches Flashpoint as Parliament Summoned, General Naeem Khalid Lodhi Fired by PM Gilani

The Pakistani Government has been in a state of crisis for the last few months with relations detoriarating between the civilian government and the generals. Note the Army in Pakistan led by the Chief of the Army Kiyani calls the shots with the civilian government a mere puppet in the defence and foreign relations department. The Government in Pakistan has been in chaos ever since Osama Bin Laden was captured from near the Army HQ in Rawalpindi. After the Army got a lot of flat from everyone, it decided to hit back at the civilians using a memo by the US Ambassador Haqqani which talked of an army coup.
June 21, 2011

Chinese Arm Flexing alarms Eastern Neighbors Japan,Vietnam and Philippines

China does not have many friends in its neighborhood,in fact it does not have any friends with relations with most countries being quite tense.The only friends it has is a tinpot communist dictatorship North Korea which has managed to keep its citizens in the Stone Age and Pakistan which is well on its way to become a failed state with a suicide bombing a day.What is interesting is that China holds the world record for sharing borders with the maximum number of countries,so one would consider it prudent to hold good relations with a large number of them.On the contrary China has had tense relations with almost all of them with low level military incidents the order of the day.China has a very cagey relationship with India where tensions have risen all the time with numerous friction points like Tibet,Arunachal Pradesh,supplying Pakistan with arms and building ports in smaller countries.South Korea alleged cyberattack a few months ago from hackers close to the Chinese government as well.
May 2, 2011

Osama lived amongst affluent retired Pakistan officials,tracked through 4 year Courier and Burnt Trash,Body to be Buried in Islamic Tradition

Osama Bin Laden used to live in an area which was populated with affluent retired Pakistani senior military offiicers.The compound had 18 foot walls,barbed wire and internet connections.The compound was built in Abbotabad which is just 35 kms away from the Pakistan capital of Islamabad.Living in such a big compound amongst important military officials it would take a really dumb person to think that Pakistan government did not know or shelter Osama Bin Laden.It is a damning indictment of the Pakistani establisment.Note a number of terrorist incidents have a common origin in Pakistan.The Mumbai terrorist bombing in which the prime accused has said that Pakistani government officials were in the know about the bombings in which Americans and Israelis were targeted in India's financial capital Mumbai.The failed London bombing too had its origin in Pakistan.Now this operation which was conduced in the very heart of Pakistan to kill the most dreaded terrorist the world has seen.
May 2, 2011

Osama Killed in Abbottabad – What you need to Know (Pakistan Double Game,Travel Warning,Son also Killed

Osama Bin Laden the architect of the dealiest terrorist attack in human history when the Twin Towers and numerous other targest in US were attacked using airline planes has been killed.10 years after starting the campaign to kill Osama Bin Laden,US today said a military mission in Abbotabad Pakistan managed to kill the dreaded fanatic.Note Al Qaeda is the most dangerous international terrorist organization with roots in the badlands of Pakistan and Afganistan.He has been long been suspected of being sheltered in Pakistan which has become a worse hotbed of terrorism than Afganistan.What was surprising that Osama was hiding near the capital of Pakistan which implies that top officials of the Pakistani government had to be involved in hiding Osama.It is an open secret that Pakistan which is being touted as the "US ally" in fight against terrorism has long been playing a double game.The death of Osama in Pakistan brings irrefutable proof to this fact.
February 17, 2011

Defender of Human Rights Obama has different standards (read none) for Pakistanis as Widow Suicide for Justice goes in Vain

John Kerry is doing the rounds of Pakistan and Obama has called for the release of the "diplomat" on the grounds of diplomatic immunity which is a joke.The widow of one of the killed men had done suicide because she was sure that her husband's killer would not be brought to justice.The US is doing exactly that by threatening to cut off all aid and break off diplomatic ties.It is this kind of behaviour which leads to more anti-Americanism around the world and displays the American hypocrisy over defence of human rights and democracy.I am sure if such an incident had happened in USA,the murderer would be facing a lethal injection in a very short time.However in an unequal world human rights for an American and a Pakistani or three is different.
December 1, 2010

Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons Growth Alarms Global Powers;Fears of Islamic Terrorist Rogue Nuclear Bomb

Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons Program is known to be source of tension for world powers was already known.But the WikiLeaks revelations has shown that the situation is more alarming than it seems.USA is not the only big power concerned with the Nuclear Weapons falling into the hands of Islamic Terrorists.China,Russia and UK are equally concerned with the high risk that this nuclear program poses.Pakistan has recently been torn apart by internal Islamist and Taliban terrorism bringing the economy to a halt.Floods and Earthquakes have exacerbated the situation.The Pakistan Polity is equally as corrupt and self serving as most of the other South Asian ones.Note Pakistan became a nuclear power by testing nuclear weapons in 1997 following India's Nuclear Tests.
November 16, 2010

Why are India and Bangladesh Economic and Political Relations Strengthening

India's Relations with its Neighbours in South Asia has mostly been strained despite sharing a common history and culture.While China and Pakistan remains India's topmost concerns with 4 wars being fought with these 2 countries in the last 65 years,the other smaller neighbours have not always been too friendly.However things seem to be improving with Bangladesh which is completely encircled by India on 3 sides.Bangladesh has viewed Big Brother India with suspicion despite India playing a crucial role in Bangladesh's Liberation from Pakistan during 1971.However the Bonhomie since 1971 was lost as subsequent military rulers and the BNP ruled coalition viewed India as an adversary.However the coming back to power of Shiekh Hasina led AWP has put India and Bangladesh on a new level.The reasons behind India-Bangladesh closeness are due to
September 11, 2010

India's Booming Stocks Fail To Discount Huge Risks due to Herd Mentality of Institutional Investors

These risks are real and not going away any time soon.They are waiting tinderboxes which could flare up with a small spark.India has managed a substantial premium in valuations over other emerging markets over its Consumption Led Growth.Institutional Investors know no better than common ones as was apparent from the 2008 Lehman Crisis.They are playing the Emerging Market Game till the Music Lasts.Make Sure you are not the one who finds no chair when the Music Stops.
September 5, 2010

India looks to extend Cruise Missile Lead through Development of Mach 5 Brahmos Missile

India and Russia have jointly developed the Brahmos Cruise Missile which is said to be one of the most advanced Cruise Missiles in the World.This Cruise Missile is also the Fastest in the world with a speed of 3000 km/hr or around 2.6 times the speed of sound and can be launched from multiple air,sea and land platforms.India's Traditional Adversaries Pakistan and China are one generation behind in the Cruise Missile Technology Race.While Pakistan's lone Cruise Missile Babur is based on the outdated Tomahawk Missiles,China's Cruise Missiles also don't match upto Brahmos in speed and sophitication.
September 5, 2010

Food Riots Break out in Africa while Food Inflation Soars in Asia

The recent weather catastrophe in different parts of the world has pushed up the food prices.The Russian Wheat Export Ban imposed earlier had exacerbated the situation […]
September 1, 2010

Sino-Indian Relations show Signs of New Strains with Increasing Chinese Provocations

China regards India warily and think it a threat to Chinese domination over Asia.India has responded meekly in the past but recent provocations have made India retaliate back.Chinese Navy presence in the Indian Ocean by building ports in Pakistan and Burma have further queered the pitch.China is also deploying advanced missiles at the Tibet Border while border violations are also rising.India's Cabinet is regarding this with increasing concern with a meeting called to assess the situation arising from Chinese troops in POK.An investment in India's Defense Industry makes good sense in such an environment
August 10, 2010

Climate Changed Already – Massive Floods in Asia,Record Drought in Russia,Huge Ice Island breaks from Greenland ?

Extreme Weather Conditions has increased in frequency this decade.In fact this decade is the hottest decade in records with temperatures making new records every year.While nothing can be said with a 100% possibility that it is due to Global Warming,the evidence is certainly pointing in that direction.
August 5, 2010

Software Powerhouse India to finally acquire cyberwarfare capabilities

USA's NSA possesses formidable strengths in this area using American information technology which is the best in the world.USA has denied the export of critical encryption technology in order to safeguard its lead in the cyber security area.India is taking a leaf from these countries albeit in a late manner.India's plan will involve recruiting hackers and software professionals under the aegis of its intelligence agencies.A new law also will be passed to prevent exiting Indian laws from prosecuting these recruits.
July 19, 2010

USA objects to Chinese Nuclear Reactors Sales to Pakistan

India’s Nuclear Energy Growth plans has been facing obstacles from China which is using Pakistan as a proxy.Note Pakistan is the recepient of huge aid from […]
July 5, 2010

Nuclear Energy in India faces external obstacles from old adversaries China and Pakistan

Landmark Nuclear Deal between US and India removes India’s pariah status The landmark Nuclear Energy deal signed between USA and India was supposed to herald the […]
May 30, 2010

Bangladesh follows Pakistan in Banning Facebook

Pakistan has been in the news for banning Facebook,Youtube and Twitter as pages from Facebook reportedly offended the sensibilities of the Islamic religion.Instead of just banning […]
May 22, 2010

Pakistan goes on a Internet Witch Hunt;Bans Facebook,Twitter,Youtube and now Blackberry

Pakistan started by banning Facebook as one of the pages had a cartoon drawing competition of one of Islam’s revered figures. A group of lawyers petitioned […]