February 27, 2013

6 Major Problems that currently effect the Indian Financial Market

Problems of The Indian Financial Market The economy and the financial market are having a close relationship and are interdependent. With a change in the economic […]
October 18, 2012

Why India’s Power Reforms Fail Green Energy as structural issues of Theft, Fuel and Electoral Carrot unaddressed

The Indian Government has recently come up with some economic reforms in the areas of Subsidies, Aviation, Retail and Power. However most of these reforms are […]
September 20, 2012

Largest Indian State plays Feudal Politics with “Power”

Politics & “Power” in India Dirty Politics and blatant misuse of power is nothing new for Indian citizens but it has reached absurd levels in India’s […]
July 24, 2012

Nokia’s Demise can be partly attributed to Company’s Culture focused on Research rather than Marketing

Nokia The company has gone down alarmingly in the last 2-3 years making it a classic B-School case study of how not to run a company. […]
February 1, 2012

Easiest Way to Become Super Rich in India – Become a Politician Crony (Ponty Chadha stashes $20 million cash in Mall Basement)

India is a country with one of the biggest population of poor people living hand to mouth. But becoming super rich in this country is not rocket science. All you have to do is become a political crony and start counting your millions if not billions. Corruption in India is quite rampant and blatant which has been proved time and again with scam a day. Politicians and Businessmen have been jailed but they have managed to get out on bail using their millionaire lawyers to fake illness and other shenanigans. Some politicians are now involved in both professions with some rumored to be billionaires owning companies through surreptitious means and parking their money in Swiss banks. Business Groups in India see their shares rising and going down depending on which political party wins proving the nexus between politicians and businessmen. There has been no reforms to separate these two and now powerful politico-business dynasties have started ruling large parts of India.
May 6, 2011

Government controlled CBI (intentionally) messes up investigation into Minister Corruption in Adarsh Scam

CBI which is India's leading investigate agency controlled by the government at the centre has been known to be a pawn in the ruling party hands.It selectively investigates cases against the opposition and the ruling alliance repeatedly messing up intentionally cases of graft against government ministers at the state and federal level.The Ruling Party has often used CBI as a powerful tool against both alliance parties as well as the opposition parties.This blantant manner of corruption had made the Supreme Court directly take the supervision of CBI in the 2G Telecom Scandal investigation which has thrown top corporate and politicians in jail.Now CBI has started acting tardily in the Adarsh Housing Scandal in which top Congress ministers in Maharashtra,bureaucrats,retired generals and admirals had conspired to usurp real estate land worth crores of ruppees.
May 2, 2011

Air India Corruption Cesspool should be just Shut Down as Politicians greedily milk the Airline Cow and Prevent Privatization

Air India which is India's government owned airline is a cesspool of corruption,sloth,mismanagement and inefficiency.Most of the the aircraft are worse than the second class cabins in Indian trains with cobwebs hanging and dirt piled around.The air hostesses are rude and hostile and over aged as well.The airline has one of the highest manpower to aircraft ratio in the world with more than 200 per aircraft.The airline routinely loses thousands of crores each year which is wasted on the employees who seem more like arrogant owners than workers.Government officials and politicians treat the airline as their personal property making passengers wait in case they are late.Note its not uncommon to find that the seats are torn up and dirty.If you are unlucky you might even find rats running on your feet as the dirtiness invites rodents to make Air India their home.While all airlines have faced tough years,even the worse private airline does not have rats running through them.
April 4, 2011

India's Congress refuses stronger anti-corruption Jan LokPal Bill despite fast by Hazare – Not a Surprise after presiding over a Zillion Scams

India has been rocked by a number of scams and scandals in which the ruling Congress Party members have invariably involved.The Adarsh Housing Scam,Commenwealth Games Scam,2G […]
April 2, 2011

Corrupt Indian Politicians – Goa minister Monserrate found $10 million cash while Alagiri assaults election

Indian Politicians Corruption and Lack of Respect for Law is becoming more blatant by the day.Despite numerous scams and scandals hitting the media everyday,the corruption continues on unfazed.The minister of education of the Goa state was found with an astounding 10 million dollars in cash at the Mumbai airport while Alagiri who is a federal minister has been found to have assaulted an election official in his hometurf of Madurai.These politicians have managed to make a mockery of the Indian justice system as they know they won't get prosecuted or arrested.Note numerous scandals have hit the headlines but none of the major minister or bureaucrats are doing jail time.Most of the corruption cases have been buried by equally corrupt Indian investigative agencies.The only cases being pursued is where India's Supreme Court has ordered a personal investigation.Expect none of these 2 above incidents to result in anything where Indian politicians continue to treat Indian democracy as a medieval feudal system.
April 2, 2011

India Corruption Unlimited – Sharad Pawar gets Linked in yet another Scam (DB Realty,Pune,Sule)

Sharad Pawar,India's powerful agricultural minister and the president of the international cricket body ICC has managed to get involved in most corruption scams coming out in the last year or so.However he has managed to come out unscathed even as his fingers are in multiple corruption pies.The name of Pawar and his daughter Supriya Sule ( who is a MP what a surpise) has come up in multiple corruption scandals like the 2G Telecom Scandal,IPL Cricket Scandal and Lavasa Scam etc.However it points to his influence and reach,that nothing has happened.He is the leader of a regional party which is part of the ruling coalition in the centre.
March 28, 2011

Green Party makes Huge Inroads in Germany ,wins State Premiership in Baden-Wuerttemberg State ;Mass Demonstrations against Nuclear;Italy freezes Nuclear Power as well

The Green Party in Germany has continued its massive upsurge in popularity in Germany winning a huge slice of votes in key German states which have gone to polls recently.Green Party in Germany which is founded on the principles of social justice, reliance on grassroots democracy nonviolence, and an emphasis on environmentalism has remained a fringe player.However the recent backlash against the nuclear power plant extension by Merkel,the planning on high speed rail in Stuttgart and the frustration with the foreign and Euro policies of the ruling CDU has led to huge gains.Note Green Parties are found in most European countries though they remain non-existent in major Anglo-Saxon countries.However the recent Japanese nuclear disaster may give a fresh impetus as global warming effects continue to increase and nuclear energy comes under attack.Mass protests against nuclear power continue to be held in different cities in Germany
March 18, 2011

Pension Fund Managers Must Balance Fiduciary Issues with “SRI” Desires

Socially Responsible Investing, or more commonly known as “SRI”, has experienced enormous growth in both its appeal and application around the world, demonstrating a proactive bent on the part of investors to increase awareness of social, environmental, and corporate governance issues amongst businessmen, politicians, and the general public. These figures are expected to grow, but pension managers must still wrestle with basic conflicts between legal fiduciary requirements and public pressure to be more socially and ethically responsible.
March 8, 2011

Now the Indian Air Force gets into a Corruption Tangle as Well

Now a senior military officer of the Indian Air Force has been caught taking a bribe of Rs 20000 ( $450) for giving a favored spot to a company for displaying its fares at an exhibition.With their seniors reaping in the moolah through corruption,it has become acceptable to lower level officers to take bribes as well.The venality is spreading at a rapid pace though the Indian system.The Indian government despite being repeatedly rebuked by the courts for their inaction,remains shamelessly unrepentant.With the Indian Defense Forces now also being caught in the corruption tangle,India's external security has also become riskier.
March 8, 2011

Banana Republic India's Totally Blatantly Corrupt Cricket Administration BCCI- Where You Can't Buy a Match Ticket

It is impossible to buy tickets to cricket matches as all the tickets have been given by the officials to their cronies and colleagues.So if you want to buy a ticket to see a cricket match you can't do that.This has even led to the ICC saying that it will lead to bad relations with sponsors .Note the Minister has cropped up in a number of major scams like the Lavasa Scandal,IPL Scam etc.However his role as an ally supporting the government has made him immune to any prosecution.The Indian Police instead of booking a case against ICC corruption has hit out at fans angry at being denied to see a match as no tickets are sold.India is a Banana Republic except that the Supreme Court manages to occasionally shame the government and bring a culprit or 2 to book
March 4, 2011

Now Cadbury joins the Corruption Bandwagon in India – What a Surprise

Corruption in India seems to be throwing up a new character everyday with almost all the major institutions - judiciary,executive,corporates,bureaucrats,media being tainted by it.The latest to join the corruption bandwagon is the US Food MNC Kraft specifically its subsidiary Cadbury.Note Carbury is one the biggest chocolate brands in India and has been present in the Indian market for a long time.The Corruption Charges are said to be in minor in nature as SEC is probing whether Cadbury gave bribes to set up a manufacturing plant in India.I would be surprised if they managed to set up a plant in India without giving a bribe.India's bureaucrats are notoriously corrupt and the venality has only increased despite numerous scams and scandals being exposed.
February 14, 2011

Crony Capitalists in India face tough times as Judiciary cracks down

The Liberalization of India in the 1990s ushered in a new era of not only high growth as its industries and enterpreneurs were unshackled from the chains of License Raj but also an era of Crony Capitalism.The erstwhile business barons who maintained their fiefdoms through manipulation of licenses,now shifted their focus elsewhere.With new sectors of the opening up and growing exponentially unscrupulous promoters had the chance to mint billions.The bursting of the 2G Telecom Scam has bust the cozy Crony Capitalism Relationship.India's Supreme Court reposing lack of faith in the investigative powers of the government has personally taken charge of the prosecution.With powerful ministers,bureaucrats and billionaire businessmen involved,only India's Supreme Court has the chance to bring the guilty to justice.
November 24, 2010

India's Telecom Security Sold for Sex and Money by a Corrupt Bureacracy

Now it has come to light that one of India's Leading Bureaucrats sold sensitive details related to Telecom Security to private firms in return for sex and money.Through an elaborate web of codes and multiple mobile phones,this IAS officer used to sell security information related to India's recent telecom security to leading telecom firms.Note India had recently taken stringent action against RIMM( Blackberry maker) and some others for failing to provide security codes.It was an opaque regulatory action ripe for bribes and corruption which was taken advantage by Ravi Inder Singh, the Director in the Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).Note it is openly known that nothing moves through the central ministry without bribing the corrupt officials manning those offices.Powerful Business Houses have most of these bureaucrats on their illegal payrolls as most policies are known much before by bigger corporates before they become policy.The expose done in the magazine "outlook" clearly demonstrates how India's powerful minsisterships and policy decisions are sold in closed rooms in the capital.Investors should be careful about investing in Indian companies as regulatory/corruption risk remains high as the SKS Microfinance and Unitech/Videocon stock falls show
November 16, 2010

"Corruption as Tradition" Justification in Bangalore Land Scam by Chief Minister of Indian State

Corruption in India has taken a widely virulent and blatant form with scams popping up almost everyday.Greed is Good has become the motto for India's Role Models in Sport and Military as well.India's Politicians are Leading the protagonists with Realty being the Main Theme.Note Real Estate companies in India are notorious for corruption with the sector being avoided by Fund Managers.India's Southern State of Karnataka is known for its IT Industry with capital Bangalore famous as a Knowledge Hub.However the Politicians of that State have made it the Corruption Capital with Bangalore equally famous for Land Grabbing and Real Estate Scams by Bureaucrats and Politicians.While Districts in the State have been made famous by Robber Mining Barons,the capital is famous for Realty Shenanigans.
November 16, 2010

Why are India and Bangladesh Economic and Political Relations Strengthening

India's Relations with its Neighbours in South Asia has mostly been strained despite sharing a common history and culture.While China and Pakistan remains India's topmost concerns with 4 wars being fought with these 2 countries in the last 65 years,the other smaller neighbours have not always been too friendly.However things seem to be improving with Bangladesh which is completely encircled by India on 3 sides.Bangladesh has viewed Big Brother India with suspicion despite India playing a crucial role in Bangladesh's Liberation from Pakistan during 1971.However the Bonhomie since 1971 was lost as subsequent military rulers and the BNP ruled coalition viewed India as an adversary.However the coming back to power of Shiekh Hasina led AWP has put India and Bangladesh on a new level.The reasons behind India-Bangladesh closeness are due to
October 29, 2010

Indian Generals,Admirals,Bureaucrats and Politicians band together to swindle Prime Land meant for War Widows

India's Political and Business Elite is known to break Indian Laws with Impunity as Corruption becomes more Blatant by the Day.India recently hosted the Commonwealth Games which was known more for its Corruption and Large Scale Looting than any Sporting Feats.The Politician Bureaucrat Nexus along with their Business Associates made a massive amount of money without any fear of the law.Despite some tax raids and some feeble investigation,it is known that no one would serve jails terms.At least not the fat cats at the top,maybe some minor official will do a year or two so that the government can be seen as doing something.India's top vigilance official recently said that 30% of Indians were utterly corrupt and the seems to be an understimate.
May 2, 2010

Obama and BP try to damage control the Gulf Oil spill

President Obama will pay a visit on Sunday to the scene of the one of biggest oil spills to strike US coastal waters. This visit  will […]