July 29, 2013

Punjab gets into the Solar Game

Punjab achieves its 300 MW of Reverse Auction plan for Solar India’s northern state of Punjab which accounts for a large part of the agricultural production […]
November 2, 2012

Punjab looks to reduce $1 billion Electricity Subsidy to Farmers through Solar Energy

Solar Energy to Reduce Electricity Subsidy India’s state of Punjab is looking towards solar and biomass energy to reduce its massive electricity subsidy burden. Punjab is […]
October 30, 2012

Biomass Poor, Agricultural Rich Indian State to get Seven Biomass Energy Plants from Punjab Biomass

Biomass in Punjab A large number of private companies have entered the biomass energy sector in order to capitalize on the potential of biomass growth. A […]
September 5, 2012

Bad Governance and pathetic Infrastructure drive Industry to investor friendly States especially Gujarat

Industry in India is facing hard times with growth rates having plummeted in 2012 due to various factors the biggest of which is bad and corrupt […]