Solar Energy

November 26, 2012

Why Solar Power in Tamil Nadu has an advantage over Wind Power

Tamil Nadu Solar Advantage over Wind? We had earlier highlighted in Greenworldinvestor that solar investors should take notice of Solar Energy in Tamil Nadu which has […]
November 22, 2012

Solar Energy in South Africa – What you must know about winners of Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Programme

Solar Energy in South Africa Solar Energy in South Africa has really taken off with a raft of new deals signed between international solar project developers […]
November 15, 2012

415 Percent growth in China’s Solar Capacity in 2012 already, with strong surge still to come

China Solar China is set to become the 2nd largest solar energy market in the world in 2012 from being a fringe player in 2011. This […]
November 5, 2012

Tamil Nadu Solar Energy Policy Review and Analysis – Why solar investors should sit up and take notice

New Solar Energy Policy in Tamil Nadu India’s electricity woes are known to Greenworldinvestor as we have been repeatedly highlighting the massive deficits suffered by individual […]
November 2, 2012

Punjab looks to reduce $1 billion Electricity Subsidy to Farmers through Solar Energy

Solar Energy to Reduce Electricity Subsidy India’s state of Punjab is looking towards solar and biomass energy to reduce its massive electricity subsidy burden. Punjab is […]
October 25, 2012

Sungrabber Solar Pool Heaters Review – Hot Water Heater and Panels Installation (Fafco Sungrabber solar pool heater, Panel Repair Plug)

Sungrabber Solar Pool Heating Sungrabber products are known for their Solar Pool Heating and Solar Water Heating. Rob Redman is the owner-manager who began building his […]
October 25, 2012

Japanese Solar Bubble grows Bigger and Bigger each Day – Bureaucrats Blind to Reality

Japanese Solar Bubble Solar Energy in Japan is seeing a huge boom in solar installations as the generous subsidy announced by the Government sees the entry […]
October 24, 2012

Rapidly Growing Solar Pie attracts the Birlas into India’s Solar Industry

Tatas & Birlas into SOLAR The Tatas and the Birlas are synonymous with industry in India being the oldest and biggest industrial groups. While the Tata […]
October 22, 2012

Take Your Money Out of The Bank And Invest In Solar

WE SHOULD withdraw our money from banks and invest in community solar projects, according to a top energy expert. Reza Shaybani, chairman of the British Photovoltaic […]
October 19, 2012

Global Solar Investment continues to Shine though Global Green Energy Dollars could Drop first time in 8 years

Solar Energy continued to dominate clean energy investment in the 3rd quarter of 2012 with more than double the money being invested in solar energy plants […]
October 17, 2012

Solar Energy in Andhra Pradesh – Read How New Solar Policy differentiates itself from other States

Solar Energy in India is not only being driven by the Central Government (mainly through JNNSM) but also by individual states. While Gujarat has been spectacularly […]
October 16, 2012

How Bihar Rebuts Alliance Bernstein’s Negative Solar Research

Business Insider has come out with a negative report on solar energy citing its high expense and land costs citing research from Alliance Bernstein. While Alliance […]
October 11, 2012

Solar Energy Bubble in Japan as Gamblers and Goldman Sachs set up Huge PV Power Plants

We have been predicting a massive solar energy boom in Japan due to the generous solar feed in tariffs set by the Japanese Government in the […]
October 8, 2012

Narendra Modi’s success in Solar Energy being copied by Staunch Rivals

Gujarat – The Green City of Narendra Modi The true test of success of a strategy is when your rivals start copying it. Using this benchmark […]
September 6, 2012

India Plans to Double Existing Renewable Energy Capacity in next 5 years – Is it Possible?

Renewable Energy India India has sharply increased its target for Renewable Energy in the next 5 years to 30 GW from the earlier 17 GW. Greenworldinvestor […]
August 27, 2012

Security for Solar Panels in India to prove a good Business Opportunity for Budding Entrepreneurs

Indian Solar Panel Security India is going to install millions of solar panels as solar energy will remain the fastest growing energy source for India for […]
August 21, 2012

Uttar Pradesh Solar Policy promoting Land Hogging Ground Mounted Solar Farms seems Misguided – Sets 1000 MW Target in next 5 years

Solar Policy in Uttar Pradesh India’s largest state in terms of population Uttar Pradesh, is set to come out with a 5 year solar policy to […]
August 16, 2012

Do Indian State Governments’ Plans of building massive Solar Power Plants, on their own make sense?

State Governments in India have been driving the growth of solar energy in India by giving subsidies and auctioning capacities at favorable electricity tariffs. Some states […]
August 14, 2012

Energy Colossus – General Electric says that Nuclear Reactors no longer Economically Viable as Natural Gas and Solar Energy Prices Plummet

Nuclear Energy As the whole world is fixated on the debate about on using and not using nuclear power for energy generation, the anti-nuclear protestors have […]
July 25, 2012

Japanese Solar Inverter Companies in a sweet spot as Domestic Market set to Boom and JET Certification provides Barrier against Imports

Japanese Solar Inverters While Japanese solar panel companies are sweating due to cheap Asian solar panel imports, the solar inverter companies in Japan are facing the […]
July 22, 2012

Despite Car Troubles, BYD continues to Plough Money into Loss making Solar Panels

BYD When companies are facing trouble in their core markets, they tend to hive off unrelated assets to focus their energy on regaining their mojo in […]
July 19, 2012

“It is crazy. We don't know what is happening," – Indian Solar Panel Manufacturers face Reality after living in Illusion

Solar in India Solar Energy in India was thought to be one of the most exciting growth industries in the world. While the current state of […]
July 17, 2012

Green Industry in Upheaval – Yet another Energy Storage Company goes Kaput

Bankrupt Green Energy Companies These days the only thing you hear about in the Green Industry is Bankruptcy or companies on the verge of insolvency. The […]
July 12, 2012

Swimming Pool Solar Panels Manufacturers, Types, Advantages, Working Mechanism & Hybrid System

Swimming Pool Solar Panels Swimming Pools require heating to bring it to the desired temperature during the swimming season, or to extend the swimming season in […]
July 11, 2012

Will India Solar Start up Flareum – With Differentiated Long Term R&D Approach, Succeed ?

Solar Products in India I have repeated numerous times that the Indian solar industry represents one of the biggest investing opportunities in the 21st century. However […]
June 29, 2012

Solar Demand in Japan to explode with IRR of 30%, as Government sets crazily high Tariff of 53c/KwH, implicit barriers may keep Chinese out

Japan after the Fukushima disaster had set out on a plan to increase the share of renewable energy in the electricity mix which is abysmally low. […]
June 28, 2012

Indian Solar Projects Highly Risky – making Financiers wary despite claims of "Solar Shining"

Indian Solar Energy has received wide acclaim in national and international media for being a great success. However compared to other countries, the claims seem quite […]
June 27, 2012

Big Chinese Companies gobble up financially strained Western solar technology firms

Chinese Scenario Big Chinese state owned companies are gobbling up financially strained Western solar firms as a massive overcapacity in global solar panel supply (caused by […]
June 23, 2012

More Shallow, Useless Research on Indian Solar Power – This time from CARE

Indian mainstream research companies keep coming out with pages and pages of useless research on Indian solar power. Most of its value is not worth the paper it is written on with mindless reams of useless statistics and projections . This time CARE ratings has come out saying that solar power will reach grid parity by 2017 . Don't know how they have come out with this magical number just as Crisil has come with a magic number as well.
June 19, 2012

Indian Solar Power Myths and Misinformation – Crisil thinks Indian solar power at 13-14c/ KwH as risky

Solar power in the last few years has seen mainstream analysts, consultants and market research firms go massively wrong as they fail to understand the solar […]