March 22, 2024

Sunshine on the Go: Portable Solar Products for Your Next Adventure 

For the eco-conscious adventurer, the idea of staying connected and powered off the grid can be incredibly appealing. But lugging around bulky solar panels isn’t exactly […]
December 7, 2012

Indian Solar Developers Strategy to fight Anti Dumping Case against imports of Cheap Solar Panels

India recently joined the global solar trade wars with the Ministry of Commerce starting an investigation into dumping of solar cells on a complaint made by […]
November 20, 2012

Best Solar Lights for Garden Reviews – Outdoor Solar LED Lights with Batteries

Why use Solar LED Lights for Gardens Solar LED Lights for Gardens are a great natural fit as Outdooor Solar Lights with batteries complement their use […]
November 19, 2012

Top 12 Solar Companies in USA still surviving the brutal downturn

USA Solar Companies surviving the Downturn The Solar Industry has seen a massive shakedown with hundreds of bankruptcies and thousands of jobs lost. There has been […]
October 13, 2012

12 Must Read Solar Stories – What we Found Interesting!

1) Solar Inverter Prices falling by 5% each quarter ,50% demand to be driven by Asia 2) Aesthetics of Large Solar Farms causes issues in US […]
August 7, 2012

WSJ Fires Biomass Energy for Pollution, however Fails to Discuss Coal Hazards causing Thousands of Deaths each year

Biomass Biomass Energy is the non-glamorous green energy form, which is one of mankind’s biggest energy providers. Biomass Energy is not frequently used to generate electricity […]
July 5, 2012

Despite massive Green Manufacturing Expansion, China’s Greenhouse Effect to grow to critical levels by 2020

China Solar and Wind China’s renewable (solar & wind) manufacturing industry has generated a massive global oversupplying leading to a price crash in solar panels and […]
June 21, 2012

Japanese Solar Panels – Comprehensive Guide to Manufacturers, Cost, Efficiency &Technology

Updated: 7/06/2016 Japanese Solar Panel companies Sharp, Kyocera, Panasonic-Sanyo, Mitsubishi were the top solar panel producers in the world. Solar Energy in Japan has a long […]
June 16, 2012

First Indian Solar Renewable Energy Certficaties sold for 24c/Kwh as NLDC certifies solar plants ; New Solar Funding Mechanism holds Promise

The Indian Solar Electricity generating industry has mainly been funded by the auction mechanism at the federal and state level. The solar generators get their electricity […]
June 7, 2012

Why India's Power Future is Green – 30% of Electricity Additions to come from Renewable Sources in next 5 years

The different forms of Renewable Energy are Solar,Wind,Nuclear,Hydro,Tidal,Biomass and Geothermal Energy. Renewable energy sources are more environment- friendly with less pollution & global warming effects. There […]
May 23, 2012

Solar in Saudi Arabia to be added at 2 Gigawatts annually for 30% Energy Generation – Fact or Fiction

Saudi Arabia has recently unveiled a new plan to add almost 40 Gigawatts of solar power over the next 20 years investing more than $100 billion. […]
February 8, 2012

Panasonic follows Solarworld in shutting down a Solar Factory in California

California which has the largest number of solar installations in the USA and is the capital of solar energy in North America is seeing a rapid exit of solar panel manufacturers. First it was Solarworld which closed a solar module manufacturing facility. Now Sanyo Solar Panels will stopped being made in the state as well as Panasonic consolidates manufacturing in Asia. Note cheap Chinese solar panels have made western manufacturers exit the solar industry and their have been a number of media grabbing bankruptcies as well. Western solar companies as well as Japanese solar panel makers have been shutting down in droves now .
July 7, 2011

Photovoltaic Modules Primer on Costs and Sale Prices,Energy Output,Efficiency,Voltage,Types,How to Buy and Manufacturers(Canadian,Sharp,LG,Hyundai,Trina,BP,Sanyo,First Solar,Kyocera,REC,Sunpower)

Photovoltaic Module demand has increased by more than 50% each year in the last decade as solar panel costs have gone down sharply by almost 80% in the last 4 years alone as scale and technology have improved.Photovoltaic Modules are a combination of solar cells which generate electricity when light strikes them.Photovoltaic is the name given to this process where electrons are released when photo or light transfer its energy to the solar cells.The following article covers a large amount of literature on Photovoltaic Modules from its costs to selling prices as well as the efficiency of the Photovoltaic Module which affects the Energy Output.There are hundreds of Photovoltaic Module Manufacturers but only a few major ones.There are reviews on the major Photovoltaic Module Suppliers and Market as well.
July 6, 2011

Types of Solar Panels Explained (Amorphous,Polycrystalline,Monocrystalline with Efficiency) for Home

Types of Solar Panels have increased manifold with the surging global solar demand fueled by falling prices of solar panels/modules.Note Solar Panels prices would have fallen by around 75% in 3 years which is a record for any energy let alone solar energy.This has made Solar Electricity on par with Electricity prices in a number of places globally.The number of manufacturers of solar panels too has increased drastically particuarly in China and Asia.The range of technologies being used to made solar panels has also increased in tandem.However polyscrystalline silicon solar panels continues to be the king of solar panels accounting for a lion's share of solar panels produced globally (around 75% according to my estimates).Each Solar Panel Technology differs from others in terms of efficiency and price.They also differ in their electricity production capabilities depending on temperature.They also differ in weight and flexibility.The Sizes of Solar Panels are also quite different and different powered solar panels are required for different applications.For a small power need like charging a mobile phone only a 5-20 watt solar panel would do while for powering a solar house you would need a number of 200-300 watt solar panels.
July 6, 2011

How Does Solar Power Work – Process of Solar Energy Panels Generating Power

Sun Power is the largest source of light in the is universe. It helps in providing food & oxygen for us, where sunlight is captured by plants in the process of photosynthesis. It helps maintaining the environmental balance by the continuous formation of vapours & condensation as rains. On a bright, sunny day, the sun's rays give off approximately 1,000 watts of energy per square meter of the planet's surface. If we could collect all of that energy, it could easily power our homes and offices for free. Other than these natural benefits, that the solar energy provides, it has many commercial usage too. Countries like Germany generate almost 20 GW of power from the Sun. Italy, Spain & Japan too generate a lot of electricity through the sun. Some of the smaller European countries like Czech,Belgium too are generating lots of solar energy through proactive Green policies.The bigger countries in the world like USA,China and India are slowly realizing the potential of Solar Energy and are rapidly increasing the amount of Solar Energy products. Solar Energy despite many years of development is not used in the generation of Electricity due to its higher costs.However that is going to change as Solar Energy is the only form of Energy whose costs are continuously declining compared to other forms of Energy.
July 6, 2011

How Solar Panels produce Electricity – Efficiency,Challenges and How to Buy Affordable Solar Panels

Assemblies of solar cells form solar panels. The raw material in solar cell- silicon in its purest form makes an ideal neutral platform for the transmission of electrons. Silicon also has some atomic-level properties which make it even more attractive for the./ creation of solar panels. Solar panels receive sunlight and actively convert that energy into electricity. The solar cells have a large area p-n junction diode which convert the energy from sunlight into usable electrical energy. The basic principle behind the procedure is Photovoltaic Effect, photo = light, voltaic = electricity ie. conversion of sunlight into electrical energy
July 5, 2011

Sanyo Solar Review – PV HIT Module Sale Prices,Efficiency and Comparison

Sanyo Solar is one the biggest Japanese solar companies along with Sharp,Kyocera and Mitsubishi.After Panasonic bought Sanyo,the emphasis on the renewable energy green division has been increased by Panasonic..Sanyo had been already been metamorphizing into a Green company from an Electronics company before Panasonic bought it for a very cheap price.Sanyo had never found much success in the cut-throat Electronics Sector with Operating Margins very near to break-even.However under Panasonic it could become a potential leader in the extremely fast growing Green Sectors.Panasonic has completely changed its strategy to become a major Green Player targeting a Major Percentage of Sales in the future to come from Green Products.Panasonic which is the world’s biggest Plasma TV producer is going to spend $1 Billion on Green Building investments.Panasonic will combine its Green Strengths with Sanyo’s to sell a complete Eco-Friendly Home complete with Solar Power,LED Lighting and Energy Storage and Efficiency capabilities.In Solar where Panasonic is the No. 3 player in Japan behind Sharp and Kyocera ,it is speeding up the expansion of solar capacity.It will spend more than $500 million aiming to triple its energy solutions business in Europe to 800 Million Euros by 2016.
July 4, 2011

Solar Panels WholeSale Buy and Price Guide – Manufacturers from China Panels for Sale

Solar Panels are rapidly becoming a widespread commodity like shoes and clothes and will even become more of a consumer product in days to come when solar panels in offices and homes becomes a common sight.Just like other consumer products there are a wide type of solar panels on sale.Note in Germany solar panels are already frequently seen on the roofs of most houses.Prices of solar panels have fallen tremendously in the past couple of years due to declining costs amongst Chinese producers of solar panels.Just like Chinese made clothes,toys and electronics have captured most of the market globally,so to Chinese wholesale solar panel sellers have captured most of the global market.While Sharp,Sunpower and a few other Western,Japanese companies have managed to survive,the majority of the global supply of solar panels is now done by Chinese solar panel wholesale providers.