April 7, 2011

Anna Hazara Hunger Fast Draws Spontaneous Huge Indian Support,Govt Backfoot as Pawar resigns from GOM – Reflects Growing Anger against Corrupt Politicians

Anna Hazare the eminent social activist fast unto death may become a major turing point in India's history with massive spontaneous support for the Jan Lokpal Bill drafted by respected members of the Civil Society.The Ruling Congress Party which tried to disparage Hazare through usual political stunts like calling him a Opposition Party Puppet has become unhinged in its respone.While 2 days ago,the Congress Spokesperson Tewari was saying that they did not really care about the hunger fast by Hazare,now the Congress Ministers are rushing to placate him.While Kapil Sibal is calling for more time ( don't know what they did for the last one year when one after another scam was revealed),Moily says that changes will be incorporated.
April 6, 2011

Anna Hazare Deflates the Congress Ploy of Portraying Him as a Puppet,Says not to Insult His Intelligence

The Lok Janpal Bill has received a tremendous response from India's Civil Society which is totally fed up with the endemic corruption and a government which refuses to do anything as most of its ministers are caught in numerous scams themselves.One of its former ministers is already cooling his heels in Jail after India's Supreme Court was forced to take over the investigation as the government refused to take action.The Anti-Corruption Bill which has been formulated by eminent citizens and social activists has been rejected by the government (what a surprise) and the ruling party Congress has refused to talk.Here is a Guide and Summary of the Main Points of the Draft of the LokJanpal Bill.Instead the ruling party has brought in politics into the picture saying that Anna Hazare has become a puppet for the opposition.
April 5, 2011

What is Jan Lokpal Bill and How it Plugs the Giant Loopholes in Government Version LokPal Bill

India’s Civil Society has brought out the Jan Lokpal Bill that has been drafted has been drafted by eminent members of the civil society like Prashant […]
April 5, 2011

Jan LokPal Bill – Summary and Guide to India's Civil Society Anti-Corruption Bill Deserves Our Support

The Jan LokPal Bill is supposed to be the answer to India's massive endemic corruption which strikes daily in the form of a new scam or scandal.The government has proven to be woefully inadequate in taking on the corrupt politicians,bureaucrats and businessmen.This corrupt nexus has been repeatedly exposed and its structure exposed through the Nira Radia Tapes.The Indian administration has shamefully failed to take action only promising to do something without doing anything worthwhile.The Indian Judiciary has also castigated the government numerous times for its abject failure in the 2G Telecom Scam,Black Money Scandal etc.However the government instead of strengthening anti-corruption measures has only put obstacles in the way.Its no wonder when the committee meant to look after the Bill comprises of ministers tainted with a number of scams themselves.Anna Hazare has held a fast unto death to put pressure on the government to pass the draft bill but the Minister appear unconcerned.Here is a short summary and guide to the main points of the Jan LokPal Bill which IMHO deserves the support of the whole Indian civil society.
March 28, 2011

India's Supreme Court castigates ED for incompetence on Black Money Hasan Ali Hawala Corruption Case

India’s Supreme Court has become a schoolmaster for the errant Indian investigative agencies which keep showing glaring incompetence and reluctance to go after top offenders.The Indian […]
March 19, 2011

Wikileaks Indian Exposes Main Indian Political Parties to be "Birds of the Same Feather"- Turn of Crowing BJP(Chari,Advani,Javadekar) to get singed by Truth

Wikileaks has not only caused problems for the US by exposing its diplomatic cables but has caused consternation and embarassment in almost all countries.Leaders of a lot of countries have got exposed for their hypocrisy and doublespeak.In fact Wikileaks also contributed to the current unrest in the Middle East by revealing the extravagance and corruption of the ruling regimes in Libya and Egypt.The same script is now being played out in India as well where a leading newspaper the Hindu has partnered with Wikileaks in printing the sordid details related to India.
March 17, 2011

Wikileaks Exposes More Muck in Indian Politics (Satish Sharma,Nahiketa Kapur,Karti Chidambaram,M.K. Alagiri) – Legislators Bribed in Nuclear Energy Policy,Cash for Poor Votes

The Wikileaks Cable says that an Indian Official Nachiketa Kapur showed an Embassy Staffer Two Chests filled with millions of Ruppees in Cash meant for bribing legislators.This corruption scam is the latest in a series over the last 6 months or so.Already India's previous Telecom Minister is cooling his heels in Jail and crucial leaders of the ruling coalition have been questioned in the 2G Scam.Most of Indian corporate chieftains have also been implicated in the Telecom Scam with mudslinging in full flow.India's Foreign Policy is being made by such crass and corrupt leaders is a shocking revelation though nothing new.Earlier Jharkand state had seen its legislators convicted of accepting bags full of cash during the earlier Congress regime.So this means that bribing and making Indian Policies is not a new thing.India's Opposition Parties are making a huge hue and cry and demanding the PM's resignation.
March 10, 2011

India's Shocking Income Inequality – 50 Billionaires and 800 Million Desperately Poor

Income Inequality in India has been rising at an unprecedented rate in the last couple of decades.The opening of the Indian economy has led to even starker levels of income disparity among the very rich and majority of the Indian citizens.The Crushing Income Disparity is seen in the world's most expensive $2 Billion House set amongst 42% of the world's hungry children.The latest Forbes report lists 50 Indian Dollar Billionaires with 2 in the Top 10.A 2007 report by the state-run National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganised Sector (NCEUS) found that 77% of Indians, or 836 million people, lived on less than 20 rupees (approximately US$0.50 nominal; US$2 PPP) per day.The living conditions of the majority have already fallen further with food price inflation between 10-20%.
February 7, 2011

Why is Switzerland not treated like a Terrorist,Renegade Country on Par with North Korea

Switzerland is one of the richest,most developed countries in the world hosting one of the biggest financial centre in the world and home to two of the largest banks UBS and Credit Suisse.Switzerland has been long been regarded as a neutral safe haven for money with the its currency Swiss Franc thought to be a risk averse store of value.Switzerland is known for its excellent banks which provide a high quality of service and safety.But the less publicized fact is why this small mountainous country attracts trillions of dollars in wealth from around the world.Its because of its secrecy laws which don't allow the name of the bank account holder to be revealed unless its proven that it is due to criminal misconduct.This Law has made Switzerland the safe haven for all kinds of criminal wealth including drugs,guns,prostitution,genocide etc.The recent spat between USA and Switzerland over the revealing of US tax evaders brought this anomaly into the open.Switzerland is the only large country to have such a law which promotes crime and tax evasion globally.
December 21, 2010

India's Pathetic Food Supply Chain leads to 30% Wastage and Soaring Onion Prices which now equal Average Wages

India's Agriculture Sector account for only a miniscule percentage of GDP and growth,however most of India's population continues to depend on it.Despite rapid growth of the services and industries sector as globalization leads to assimilation of foreign technology and practises,agriculture continues to live in medieval times. India's Food Supply Chain leads to massive waster and inefficiency with 30% of India's vegetable and fruit produce being wasted.This is criminal in a country where most of the children go hungry.However corporatization has been repelled by vested interests leading to a the sorry situation.Food inflation has seen double digits since last year and despite a better harvest year,some food prices are touching the stratosphere.The inadequate supply chain leads to periodic shortages of key food items used by Indian as part of the daily diet.
December 14, 2010

India's Supreme Court Extremely Shocked by Industries Minister Role in Farmer Suicides

India has been plagued with a large number of scams and scandals in recent days.Not that it has made much difference to the functioning of politicians and bureaucrats.India's Agriculture Minister was blatantly defending favored business interests while India's PM seems more interested in Big Business Privacy rather than tackling corruption.The Stock Market after falling for a couple of days due to increasing number of stock market scandals,has returned to normal.However the Indian politicians keep shocking the country with even more and more brazen acts of corruption and nepotism.
November 16, 2010

Why are India and Bangladesh Economic and Political Relations Strengthening

India's Relations with its Neighbours in South Asia has mostly been strained despite sharing a common history and culture.While China and Pakistan remains India's topmost concerns with 4 wars being fought with these 2 countries in the last 65 years,the other smaller neighbours have not always been too friendly.However things seem to be improving with Bangladesh which is completely encircled by India on 3 sides.Bangladesh has viewed Big Brother India with suspicion despite India playing a crucial role in Bangladesh's Liberation from Pakistan during 1971.However the Bonhomie since 1971 was lost as subsequent military rulers and the BNP ruled coalition viewed India as an adversary.However the coming back to power of Shiekh Hasina led AWP has put India and Bangladesh on a new level.The reasons behind India-Bangladesh closeness are due to
October 22, 2010

Private Equity Backed For-Profit Microfinance Companies in India face Societal Backlash

Microfinance has become one of the hottest growth sectors in India attracting Private Equity Companies eager to take advantage of India's Growth Story.A Number of For-Profit Microfinance Companies have grown exponentially in recent times with funds raised from Foreign PE Firms.The Business Model of these Financial Intermediaries is highly profitable with 25-40% Interest Rates being charged from India's Poor Population who don't have access to credit facilities.Borrowing from Banks at 10-12% and lending at 25% gives a huge spread which more than covers the cost of operations in dealing with a huge number of very small borrowers in far flung areas.The recent IPO of SKS Microfinance was a huge success instantly makings it promoters instant millionaires.The stock which was expensively valued nonetheless managed to climb by almost 40% in the last 2 months.It brought into focus the whether making such huge profits through essentialy usury from the poor was ethical or not.
October 21, 2010

Soybean and Rice Prices Rise in Empathy with Corn and Wheat to make new records

Food Prices are rising at an incredible pace around the world due to a combination of money printing by the USA and Bad Weather in Russia and Asia.The major cause of the Food Price Increase has been the global rush towards investing in commodities as currencies get devalued by countries eager to increase exports in a zero sum game.Wheat Prices were the first to rise after Russia stopped exports leading to the sharpest gain in the last 2 years.Corn prices have increased with increased demand from ethanol,bad harvests and relentless QE.Rice and Soybean prices were bound to rise in empathy with other grain prices.Note these two food varieties are substitutes of corn and wheat.So it makes sense for speculators and consumers to increase the demand for these 2 commodities as well. Rice Price Increase after Flooding in Biggest Exporters Rice Prices have shown a record increase after floods sharply reduced output in the 2 main exporter Vietnam and Thailand.With inventories being sharply cut and harvests going down it is not much of a surprise.Rice importing countries like Philippines will be badly hit as their per capita income is quite low and they have a large poor population highly sensitive to increasing food prices.Expect 2011 to be a Hunger Year for a large chunk of the world's population thanks to Ben Bernake and print his way to prosperity team.
October 13, 2010

Crushing Income Disparity in India – World's Most Expensive $2 Billion Home coexists with Largest Number of Hungry Children

42% of World's Hungry Children Live in India In contrast to the exponential growth of wealth of India's upper classes,the poor continue to eke out a miserable existence mired in hunger and constantly facing starvation.Globalization of Agriculture has further increased Food Price Inflation making their positive even more precarious.According to International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI),India slipped 2 places to be ranked in the 67th place amongst 88 nations in the Hunger Index.Despite a stellar economic performance over the last 20 years or so and sharp rise in per capita GDP,India remains one of the poorest nations on earth.It ranks below even Nepal,Pakistan,Sudan with 48% of India's children stunted due to lack of food.The report is a strong indictment of growth policies which has made its children mostly hungry and stunted.Other strongly growing economies like Brazil and China have performed much better than India.Time for India's government to radically change the structure of India's economic growth.Despite promotion of policies like NREGA and midday meals for poor,rank corruption and leakage has led to India being the hungriest nation on earth.
September 10, 2010

Lack of Governance leads to Massive Food Inflation in India even as Grain Stocks get eaten by Rats

Inflation continues to rule in the double digits as price of essential food commodities touches new highs.The Federal Government has stopped doing anything promising lower inflation figures in the next months thanks to lower base effect.However absolute prices as compared to 2 years are up almost 30-50%.The High Inflation has not affected the elite Indian classes as Stock Market make new highs and Industry maintains high growth rates.Naxalism is the direct outcome of this huge income inequality which is increasing every day.With no corrective measures being taken except some photo-ops by India's oppurtunistic politicians except internal strife to Increase in India.
September 5, 2010

Food Riots Break out in Africa while Food Inflation Soars in Asia

The recent weather catastrophe in different parts of the world has pushed up the food prices.The Russian Wheat Export Ban imposed earlier had exacerbated the situation […]
August 9, 2010

India's Largest FDI Industrial Project in Orissa stopped after violating Environmental norms

POSCO is setting up a humongous steel complex in the eastern Indian state of Orissa with the total investment of $12 billion.The project which was initiated […]
August 4, 2010

India not to impose Capital Controls like other Asian countries as Economy's absorbing capacity increases

India looks unlikely to impose capital or currency controls like Asian countries to stem the increasing capital inflows from developed nations.The Indian government and the Central […]
July 18, 2010

The world's most powerful country has only Insensitivity and Callousness to give to its weakest citizens

USA is unarguably the world’s richest and most powerful country after the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1980s.The country  is the only superpower left […]
July 18, 2010

7 Reasons Why Food Prices are Increasing in India

Food Prices have become one of the most important topics in India over the last 2 years.A Deficient Monsoon season in 2009 was the primary cause […]
July 16, 2010

Massive Coal Plant in Andhra Pradesh,India faces cancellation due to protests from farmers and fishermen

A huge 2640 MW coal plant has received a major jolt after its environment clearance was rejected by he National Environmental Appellate Authority (NEAA).This plant which […]
June 22, 2010

Bangladesh faces major Labor Unrest from less than $1 a day wage textile workers

Bangladesh is one of the world’s poorest countries with a high population density.Carved out of erstwhile Pakistan,this predominantly Muslim country faces huge poverty like other countries […]
May 14, 2010

How Information Technology is Helping the World's Extremely Poor Populations

Uses of Information Technology The use of Technology has immense benefits for the world’s poor in improving governance and accountability and reducing of corruption.It has been […]
May 6, 2010

We only eat meat in our dreams and possibly on holidays – Income Disparity in Egypt

The growth in income disparity around the world is striking.The internationalization of capital and trade has led to increasing amounts of income for the top percentiles […]